Top 18 Super Effective Ways To Use Salt

All of us are aware of the fact that salt is indispensable and cannot be substituted. One cannot imagine a world without salt. Life would become a standstill. In early history, salt was so valuable that it was used as money and exchanged for services and trade. Salt had been a part of the elite class of goods and was a taxed commodity Using salt is one of the oldest methods of food preservation. Commonly used salt for consumption are the table salt and iodized salt. This indispensable ingredient in our daily routine has many surprising benefits other than flavoring and preserving.

1. Ward Off Pungent Smell Of Onions:

Post cutting onions, your hands tend to retain the pungent smell. All you need to do is to rub some salt on your hands and wash off thoroughly with water. Your hands will smell clean and fresh, rid of the pungent smell.

Ward Off Pungent Smell Of Onions

2. Cleaning Cooking Spill Over:

While cooking if food spills over, throw some salt when still wet. This prevents the spill from hardening. Wipe off the spill after it cools.

Cleaning Cooking Spill Over

3. Greasy Pans Clean Up:

When your cooking pan is absolutely greasy a simple and easy method is to rub the pan with some salt and leave it for about one hour. Now wet the pan a little and use your dish wash soap as usual over the stain, your pan is clean as new.

Greasy Pans Clean Up

4. Rust From Iron Woks And Pans Can Be Cleaned:

Iron woks and pans tend to rust if exposed to water and detergents for a cleanup. When the wok is hot, after cooking is completed, scrub the wok with about half a cup of salt. The salt rub will appear to be a thick coat of powder paint spray on the rust. Leave the coating for about an hour and then scrub clean the wok thoroughly. Do not try this method on coated surfaces.

Rust From Iron Woks And Pans Can Be Cleaned

5. Clog Free Kitchen Drains:

In order to maintain clog free drains, mix a handful of salt in hot water and flush it down your kitchen drain. This will de-clog the drain and also maintain it odor free.

Clog Free Kitchen Drains

6. Cut Fruits Remain Fresh:

Cut fruits if not consumed immediately tend to spoil and discolor. Sprinkle a pinch of salt over the cut fresh fruits. They will remain fresh.

Cut Fruits Remain Fresh

7. Free Vegetables And Fruits From Pesticides:

Most vegetables and fruits, especially grapes are grown by spraying pesticides to keep away insects. Soak them in a mixture of salt and water for about an hour and wash thoroughly. The harmful chemicals will be removed completely.

Free Vegetables And Fruits From Pesticides

8. Blanch Nuts Easily:

Soaked nuts like almonds in salt water for more than an hour, are easy to be blanched and used in the blender.

Blanch Nuts Easily

9. Keeping Ants At Bay:

Ants at home are a meance. Sprinkle salt along the kitchen sink wall and similar places where the ants queue up. This will keep the ants at bay.

Keeping Ants At Bay

10. Cleaning Refrigerators:

Empty your refrigerator of the racks and food stored. Mix a solution of salt and warm water and use a soft sponge to clean the refrigerator.

Cleaning Refrigerators

11. Cutting Board Sparkler:

The stubborn stain on the cutting board can be removed by rubbing some salt on the board and wiping it clean.

Cutting Board Sparkler

12. Stubborn Coffee And Tea Stains:

Stubborn coffee and tea stains can be easily removed by rubbing your mugs with a solution of salt and dish soap wash.

Stubborn Coffee And Tea Stains

13. Freshen Your Shoes:

Shoe bear the brunt of our weight and body odor. You can easily freshen up the shoes by sprinkling a little salt in them.

Freshen Your Shoes

14. Candles Last Longer:

Dip your candle in salt solution for long hours before lighting them. Dry them well and light them. You have drip free candles that will burn for a long time.

Candles Last Longer

15. Rust Free Iron Box:

To remove this rust formed on your iron box,sprinkle salt powder on a wooden plank or wooden table and run your iron box over it. Your iron box will be rust free.

Rust Free Iron Box

16. An Emergency Fire Extinguisher:

While cooking, unfortunately the grease on the gas oven may catch a small fire. Do not panic. Immediately sprinkle salt on the fire. It will die down.

An Emergency Fire Extinguisher

17. Laundry Agent:

Salt helps to remove perspiration stains. Add four tablespoons of salt to a liter of water and rub this solution on the stains until they fade away.

Laundry Agent

18. Unwanted Garden Weeds Can Be Removed:

Sprinkle salt between tiles on your garden pathway and this will deter the growth of weeds. Take care to sprinkle the right required quantity so that your plants along the pathway do not get damaged.

Unwanted Garden Weeds Can Be Removed