Step By Step Process To Make The DIY Fashionalble Watermelon Shorts For Summers

There are many beautiful dresses that we wear in the summers, the best bottom wear for the women are the shorts, they take the summer in the easy way and give you the nice and attractive looks, especially when you are on the beach, there are many designs in the shorts, but we can also surprised others with our own creative designs. Design of watermelon is one of the best design for the summer, but you will not get it easily in the market, but you can make it by yourself by just following some of the simple steps.

1. Tools Required For Watermelon Shorts:

We need basic things for the watermelon shorts, we need a white shorts, we need dye of the red and the green color, we need a white transparent tape, we need a black permanent marker, salt, hot water, gloves.

Tools Required For Watermelon Shorts

2. Select The Shorts:

The most important thing for the watermelon shorts is the shorts, we need to select the shorts which is pure white colors, there should not be any discoloring. It is good to clean it and make it dry before start making watermelon shorts.

Select The Shorts

3. Prepare The Dye:

First you need to prepare the dye for coloring the white shorts, add 2 tablespoon of the red dye in the jar, now mix a pinch of the salt to it, now add the hot water to it, make sure that the quantity of the dye should be enough to color the lower part of the shorts, now in the other bowl, add the salt, hot water and the green color, mix it.

Prepare The Dye

4. Mark The Border On The Shorts:

You need to take a small pencil, now mark the area on the shorts which is to be colored in the red, mark both the legs in the equal length, now apply the white tape on both the sides of the shorts, press it hard so that it will get stick easily to the shorts and the color should not be enter in the shorts.

Mark The Border On The Shorts

5. Dye The Shorts:

Now you need to place a cling film on the board, wear the gloves, place the shorts on it, now add the dye to the bottle, apply the colored to both the sides of the jeans and stop coloring as the tape come, leave the jeans for sometime, so that the color of the lower shorts will get dry, now take the green color in the bottle and dye the shorts in the green color to both the sides, leave it for sometime, so that the both the color will become dry, as the color is dried, now slowly and carefully take out the tape of it.

Dye The Shorts

6. Draw The Seeds On The Shorts:

Now you need to take the black marker and then draw the designs of the on the red color, here you need to first touch the point of the marker to the jeans, if the color is spreading, then you need to wait for some more time, now again draw the design of the seeds to all over the red area, you need to draw the design to the back side also, now place this in the soft detergent and leave it for sometime, take it out, clean it with the water, make it dry, now press it with the hot iron. Your DIY watermelon shorts is ready to wear in summers.

Draw The Seeds On The Shorts