Step By Step Easy And Cheap Process To Make Nailed Side Table

Step By Step Easy And Cheap Process To Make Nailed Side Table

We always want that our bedroom should look attractive and we also do the modification in it, but if we purchase the things then it might so costly for us to change the theme of the bedroom frequently, you always have the side tables in your bedrooms, so you can change the theme just by give some of the modifications to the table, nail head side table is a trend, so here is the step by step easy process by which you can make your own nail head side table.

Step By Step Easy And Cheap Process To Make Nailed Side Table:

1. Tools Required:

You need to take the side tables, 2 yards of the vinyl fabric, the color of the fabric should be according to the theme of the bedroom or the place where you to keep it, yard stick, hammer, designer nail heads, if the nail heads are metallic then it is quite good, scissors, staple gun, marker, upholstery thread.

2. Measure The Vinyl Fabric and Cut It:

First you need to take the measuring tape, measure out the dimensions of the table, now you need to mark out the dimensions to the fabric slightly more than the actual one, so that it can be folded later, draw the design, now take the hard scissor, cut the fabric according to the dimensions of the table, if there are any sharp edges, then you should also cut it out.

3. Wrap The Fabric and Staple It:

Now you need to take the hammer, take out the upper part of the table, now place the fabric on it, fold it from the one edge by keeping the fabric line straight, now take the staple gun and staple the folded part of it, fold it the other edge staple it also, do this process for all the sides, now to the corner you need to fold it one by one and then staple all the four edges.

Wrap The Fabric and Staple It

4. Mark and Nailed The Nails:

Take the measuring tape, now mark out the points on which we need to place the nails, you can make 2 to 3 lines to the sides of the table, take the nails, make sure that the nails should have the heads of the same designs, now place the nails to the each market points and then take the soft hammer and nailed all the nails according to the set pattern.

5. Make The Fabric Sleeves For Legs:

Take out the legs of the table, now again mark the fabric to the legs, so that the fabric can cover the legs completely, make the sleeves of it, add the pins to it, now place it to the sewing machine, set the machine to the hard sewing, sew the fabric to make the sleeves for the legs, now take all the legs and one by one place the sleeves to the legs, make sure that the whole legs should be covered.

6. Attach The Legs:

Now you need to fold the fabric to the top and bottom of the legs, if there are any extra edges then cut it out, staple it also, now take the legs, add the screws to it, now tighten the screw in the top of the table, attach all the legs to the table, now place it to the desired place and make the level even, now add the decorative items on the top of it. Your nailed side table is ready to use.

Attach The Leg