Step By Step DIY Process To Make Amazing Solid Perfume Pocket Watch Locket

There are many occasions in which we need to go out and give gifts to our loved ones, these gifts are sometimes quite expensive, but we can also make gift by our own. Pocket watch locket can be a good option for you, it is easy to prepare and give you fragrance as you wear it, you can also open it and apply the fragranced wax to the other parts of the body also, here is the step by step process by which you can make the pocket watch locket.

Step By Step DIY Process To Make Amazing Solid Perfume Pocket Watch Locket:

1. Things Required:

We need some of the simple tools for this we need jojoba oil, some of the fragrances as you want, we need a wax, we need an empty locket, we need a chain.

 Things Required

2. Melt The Wax:

First you need to take the hot, water in the bowl, or you can use the electric water boiler, now take the bowl, place it on the top of it, add the raw wax in it, now take the spatula and then stir it continuously, so that the wax will get melted, now take the bowl and transfer all the wax to it, there are many colors of the wax available, if you want to make the locket of different colors, then you should melt all the waxes separately.

Melt The Wax

3. Add The Oil And Fragrance To It:

Now take the dropper and then take out the jojoba oil and add this to the wax, now you need to again take out the fragrances oil and all the oil to the melted wax, now mix all the things well, make sure that wax should not get hard, if it is then you need to again melt it on the water boiler.

 Add The Oil And Fragrance To It

4. Prepare The Locket:

Now you need to take the locket, take the soap water and clean it properly, make sure that the back of the locket should not have any hole in it, if it is then the wax will come out from it, take the clean tap and cover the back of it, now place it to the even level board.

Prepare The Locket

5. Pour The Wax To The Locket:

Now you need to hold the locket, open it, now hold the top of the locket with the hand and carefully pour the liquid wax in it, here you need to be extra cautious, pour the hot wax and fill the half of the it, as the wax is becoming hard, pour the wax to the top edge of the locket, you need to make an oval shape at the top of it, if it is not, then you need to keep on adding the wax, till it will not start coming out, now cap it and tight it with the remaining tape.

 Pour The Wax To The Locket

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6. Add The Chain To The Locket:

Now you need to take the chain for the locket, the chain should be as thin as possible and it should be of the same color to the locket, there is a hook at the top of the locket, now you need to take a small wire, insert it in the hole, make a hole of it, now place the chain in it, mark the middle of the chain and then make it tight by twisting the wire, do it for all the locket, place it in the pocket, your perfume pocket watch locket is ready to use.

 Add The Chain To The Locket