How To Make A Stunning Pond In Your Garden From The Unsed Old Tires

It has been said that there are nothing which can be reused, we have many projects by which we can make many craft to decorate our home with the used products, as our tires get bumped or any cut is there, then we normally discard them, but there are many recycling ways by which we can use the old tires in beautiful things. Pond garden by the old tires is one of the best example for this, we can covert our backyard in a small pond, here are the ways by which we can use the old tires to get the pond in our garden.

1. Cut The Tire:

First you need to select the tire, you have to select the tires which should not have the cut or big holes in it, now you need to cut the sides of the tires, for this you need to select a plain ground, now take the cutting tool, place it just to curving place of the tire, now you need to cut the tire carefully, make sure that there should not be any pointed cut on the tire.

Cut The Tire

2. Dig The Pond:

Now you need to select the place, where you actually want to build the pond, now you need to first spray the water on it, so that the mud will get soften, now take the digger and dig the hole in the ground, just slightly more than the diameter of the tire, take out the mud and try to place the tire in it, make sure that the level should be even.

Dig The Pond

3. Place The Plastic:

As the hole is ready, now you need to place the tire in it, now take the big plastic and place it on the tire, now push it so that all the tire will be covered by the plastic, do it carefully, so that there will not be any holes in it, now the edges should be stick to the tires, now you need to take the small stones and place them to the corners of the tire, now in the bottom add plenty of the stones of different sizes.

Place The Plastic

4. Cover The Tire:

Now you need to take the mud which you have taken out while digging, add the mud to the sides of the tire, cover the tire with the mud and make the volcano shape from it, now you need to take the water and spray it on the mud of the tire and make the lumps slightly muddy.

Cover The Tire

5. Add The Stones:

Now you need to take the big stones first, place it to the sides of the mud, now slowly, place the stones on the top of it and make a well like structure, in between the wall of the stones we need to add the grass in it, add the plants to the sides of it, you can also add many things to it and make it beautiful, so that there will be dry pond with the artificial natural look.

Add The Stones

6. Add The Water:

Now you need to take the clean water, add all the water in the tire and fill the pond with it, so if you want a find pond, then you need to add the anti chlorine in it and then add fishes in it, which give it total natural look. The amazing pond from the old unused tire is ready to make your backyard beautiful.

Add The Water