How To Update Your Garden In A Beautiful Pavor Fountain

We have beautiful gardens to our house, but we need to maintain it properly and do the modification to the regular bases, so that it will look attractive and amazing, we all love to see the water fountains and if it is there to your garden, then it is quite good but you need to go to the engineer to get the paver fountain to the garden, you can do it by yourself also, you need some of the simple tools and the step by step complete process to get the paver fountain to our garden.

1. Select The Area:

It is totally your choice to select the area for the paver fountain, if you have a small garden then you should select to any corner of the area and if you have the big ground then you can select the center of the garden, so that you can enjoy the beauty of it.

Select The Area

2. Mark The Area For The Fountain:

As you select the area for the fountain, now you need to mark the area, for this you need to set the dimensions of a square to the selected area, now insert 4 wooden blocks to all the four corners, now take the spray marker and then draw the square the design on the grass.

Mark The Area For The Fountain

3. Dig The Marked Area:

As you get the marked area, now take the digger and dig out the area with about 4 inches in deep, you need to make the level even, now you need to place the water basket in the middle of the area, mark it, now again dig the area of about the 12 inches, the dug mud should be place to the bag.

Dig The Marked Area

4. Insert The Basket:

Now you need to take the basket, place it inside the hole, make sure that the level of the basket should be equal to the level of dug ground, if the level is not matched, then you need to dig is more and place the bucket.

Insert The Basket

5. Spread The Sand To The Area:

Now you need to take the sand and spread it to the dug area, now spread it to the edges of the bucket also, make it tight, take the brick and then hammer the area, so that there will be a nice even level, if there is any sand in the basket, then take it out.

Spread The Sand To The Area

6. Install The Pump Fountain:

Now you need to take the two bricks, that can be installed in the bucket, place it, now at the top of it, place the fountain pump, now take the plastic film make a hole in between it, place it on the top of the bucket, cut the edges to the basket and also to the corners of the dug area, now take the water and fill the bucket with it.

 Install The Pump Fountain

7. Install Paver Support:

Now you need to place the steel support which should be of the same size to the area, place all the steel blocks to it,  now you need to take the wire mesh of the same area, cut the middle of it, now place it on the fountain and make it firm.

Install Paver Support

8. Install The Concrete Paver:

Now you need to take the concrete pavers, place it in between dug area, hammer the blocks with the soft hands, to get the even surface, add small beautiful stones to the edges of the concrete paver, now insert the plug of the pump to the electricity board and your paver fountain is ready.

Install The Concrete Paver