How To Turn Your Old Wire Spool Into A Beautiful WIne Table

It is not good that we should go to the market and buy anything for our house, you will get wine tables in almost all the houses, these tables are expensive, but you can also have your wine table by your own, for this you need to take the oil wire spool, you will get the old wire spool close to your junk yard, all you need some of the tools, here is the step by step process by which you can make your own wine table with the old wire spool.

1. Prepare The Base:

First you need to select the old wire spool, the spool should not be broken from anywhere and there should not be any holes in it, both the wheels of the spool is of same diameter, but the wine table has the small foundation, so now you need to cut it, for this just mark a small circle, take the wood cutting tool and cut it, to get the smaller base, if there are any chips, then you need to scrub it.

Prepare The Base

2. Fix The Base:

Now you need to add the rubber sheet on the bottom of it, this rubber sheet, will fix the base and will not allow the table to move further, for this you need to mark 5 points to the smaller base circle of the spool, place the rubber sheet on it and drill a screw in it, place all 5 rubber sheets and nail it, take the hammer and hammer the fixer, so that all the fixer will stick to the base nicely.

Fix The Base

3. Make Top Of Wine Table:

Now you need to take the long wooden block of about the 4 inches of wide and at least 2 feet long, now place the blocks on the center of the table and cover the whole table from the block, now you need to take the nail and nailed it in the blocks, so that tall the blocks should be in the place and not move further, make sure that there should be not gap in between the blocks the nail should be inside the block.

Make Top Of Wine Table

4. Cut The Edges:

As the blocks have quite good length, then they will come out to the circle, again take the cutter and cut the excess part of the block and make the circle exactly in the same size of the spool circle.

Cut The Edges

5. Add The Polymer:

As you get the shape, take the sand paper and make the table smooth, now you need to take the wood warmish paint and apply it on the table, apply on coat on it, leave it for some time, so that it will get dry, now again make a coat on it, as this coat will become dry, you will get the shine on the top of the table, do this process for rest of the table area.

Add The Polymer

6. Finalize The Things:

Here you need to select the place where you want to place the wine table, place the table, now you need to take the wine bottles, measure the top of it and the neck diameter of it, now make holes in the stand of the pool, drill the holes, now you need to take the bottles of the wine with the cork cap on it, insert it in the holes, place the wine bottles and the wine glasses on the table and enjoy your wine table by the old wire spool is ready to use.

Finalize The Things