How To Turn Your Old Jeans Into Quirky Farm Girl Apron

We wear a lot of things, like the tops, shirts, t-shirts, pants, trouser, jeans and many things, if we wear anything number of times or there is any wear and tear to our cloths, then we normally discard them, we wear jeans very roughly, so it there are chances that it might get scratched, but we can use these jeans in many different styles, one of the easiest style is the farm girl apron, if you want to make your garden beautiful, then you need to wear apron, because it will make your cloth dirty, here is the easiest way to make farm girl apron by the old jeans.

1. Draw Up A Rough Template:

First you need to take the paper, place it on any flat surface, now you need to measure the length of the upper part of the body, now draw the roughly design of the apron on the paper, take the paper cutting scissor and cut the paper in the shape of the template, make sure that there should not be any edges to it.

Draw Up A Rough Template

2. Trace The Paper Around Jeans:

Take the jeans, fold the paper in half, now place it around the leg on the jeans, now take the marker and mark the area around the jeans, remove it and with the help of the cloth cutting scissor, cut the trace of the apron from the jeans, now unfold it, your front side of the apron is ready.

Trace The Paper Around Jeans

3. Unpick The Pocket:

As you cut the legs of the jeans, you will have the top part of the jeans with you, to the back of the jeans there are pockets, with the help needle take out the thread of the jeans and unpick the pocket from the jeans, these pockets will not be used as the pockets of the apron.

Unpick The Pocket

4. Cut The Leg Seam And Waist Band:

You need thick strips to hold the apron on the shoulder, cut the leg seam from the sides of the jeans with the good scissor, to hold the apron on the waist, you need a strip also, for this with the same scissor, cut the waist band also.

Cut The Leg Seam And Waist Band

5. Sew Pockets:

Now you need to place the pockets on the lower part of the apron, insert a needle in it, so that the pocket will not move, set the sewing machine to the jeans setting, now place the pocket to the jaw of the sewing machine and then sew both the pocket on the main apron.

Sew Pockets

6. Attach Leg Seam And Waist Band:

Place both the ends of the leg seams to the top of the apron, place it in between the jaws of the sewing machine and sew it, here you need to measure the back of yourself, and then cut the waist band according to the length, place the corner of the waist band to the sides of the middle of the apron, place it to the jaws of the sewing machine and sew it, you need to sew it two to three times, so that it will become firm.

Attach Leg Seam And Waist Band

7. Wear The Apron:

Now you need to insert your head to the loop by the leg seams and tight the waist band to the back side of the back, now you can do your work related to the farming, your farm apron from the old jeans is ready to use.

Wear The Apron