How To Make Your Own Comic Book Shoes

If you want to surprise your kids with your imagination, then you can make your own comic book shoes, this is an unique idea and you can also take the used the unused shoes and make them look like new one, there are many styles to make the comic shoes, you can choose the story telling on the shoes, you can make it by the super heroes, all you need shoes, gum, comic, scissors, film, hot gun, polish. Here are the simple and the easy steps by which you can make your comic book shoes by your own, without taking much effort.

1. Select The Shoes:

First you need to select the shoes to give it a comic look, for this you need to take the shoes in your hands and then check about the wear and tear on it, if there is any hole in it, then you need not to select it as the sticker will not stick on it, if there are small holes, then you need to cut the thread in very tiny pieces, apply the gum in the hole and then place it in the holes and make it flat, make sure that there should not be any bumps on the shoes, it may damage the sticker.

Select The Shoes

2. Clean The Shoes:

As you have selected the shoes, then you need to clean the dirt on it, if the shoes are made up of the cloth, then you need to clean it in the water, then blow the hot air on it and make it completely dry, if your shoes are made up of some leather material, then you need to make sure that there should not be any polish on it, for this you need to take the nail paint remover, add it to the cotton ball, now rub the shoes with it and make your shoes rough and grease free.

Clean The Shoes

3. Cut The Comic Character:

This is the most important work, for this you need to select the cartoon character according to your wish, you can select the whole story, you can select the talk between them, if you have a vast collection of the comic books, then it is easy for you to select the right character, now take the paper cutting scissor, cut the comic characters from the book, make sure the edges of the character should be proper.

Cut The Comic Character

4. Stick Comic Character:

Now you need to take the adhesive that can be used on the cloth, or if you have leather material, then use the adhesive related to it, now you need to make a thin layer of the gum on it, here you need to use your mind, that which type of the pattern you actually want on your shoes, stick the comic characters accordingly, now leave it for sometime, so that it will get dry,make sure that there will be any shrink on the stickers.

Stick Comic Character

5. Finalize The Shoes:

Now you need to check the base color of the comic characters, get the paint of that color, use a pointed brush and brush the holes of the shoes, corners of the shoes and the sole of the shoes, leave it for sometime, you can also place an plastic clean film and the blow hot air gun on the it, leave it again for sometime, now polish it and your comic book shoes is ready to use.

Finalize The Shoes