How To Make The Light Up Fireflies With The Plastic Eggs By Your Own

We should always try that our kids should do the things by their own, this will make them creative. Kids always love to play with the toys and if they are glowing or light is installed in it, then they become more happy, we get the empty plastic eggs easily and we can convert them into light up fireflies easily, your kids will love to do it, all you need is to plastic eggs, pipe cleaners, flameless tea lights, googly eyes, super glue, screw driver, aluminum foil, now here are simple steps by which you can make your light up fireflies by the plastic eggs.

1. Cut The Pipe Cleaners And Plastic Egg:

First you need to take all the pipe cleaners in the hand, now tap it on the board, so that all of them has the same base, now cut it at the top, so that all pipe cleaners will have the equal length, now cut it into equal quarters, take the plastic egg, as it is already cut into half, you need to check that both the half portions fit in between each other easily, if not, then you need to cut out the sharp edges of it.

Cut The Pipe Cleaners And Plastic Egg

2. Making The Legs:

Now you need to split the egg, take one part of it, now insert a pin in it and make a hole, you need to make 2 holes in it, now you need to take the two pipe cleaners, knot the one ends of it, insert it to the one hole, make sure that it will not come out easily, now spread the other two cleaners and bend it to make the legs of it, place it on the board and the legs should touch the floor.

Making The Legs

3. Make The Big Ears:

Now you need to take the green pipe cleaners, cut it in half, now again take the half egg, at the top of it, again make two holes, but here you need to make it big, for this you need to take the screw driver, insert it in the hole and make the hole big, do the same process for the other hole also, now you need take the one pipe cleaner and insert it in the hole, insert the other pipe cleaner to the other hole, cut the extra pipe cleaner, now at the hole, add the glue to it, now bend the top of it to make the big ears of the fire flies.

Make The Big Ears

4. Stick The Eyes And Wings:

Now you need to take the googly eyes, add the super glue to it, now take the half egg which has the big ears, now in the middle of the eggs, stick the googly eyes, now you need to take aluminum foil, fold it in half, now cut the heart shape from it, unfold it and then cut it in half, wings are ready.

Stick The Eyes And Wings

5. Add Light And Finalize:

Now you need to take the light, insert it to the one half egg, now you need to insert the other egg in it and make it tight, now you need to take the one wing, add the super glue to the pointed foil, now you need to stick it on the leg side of the fireflies again apply the glue to the other wing and place this on the wings fold it, as you shake it, the light will start glowing, the fireflies with the plastic is ready to glow.

Add Light And Finalize