How To Make She Shed For Your Little Girls By Your Own

She sheds are the best gift from your side to your little girls, they play in the summers in backyard under the hot sun, so girls love to live in she shed as it is their first personal home, they play many games in it, you can build your she shed at any place in your home, but the best place is to build it in your backyard, where there is beautiful garden, there are some tools and the equipment required for this and your can build your she shed in just simple steps.

1. Prepare The Foundation:

For the she shed you need to first find out the place, where the level of the ground is even, now you need to dig the hole about 1 feet deep with the diameter of about the 6 inches, you need to dig 6 holes in a row and make 4 rows like this, now you need to take the concrete mixture, place the wooden block holder in the hole and then pour the concrete mixture in it, now make it firm, now in the wooden block holder, place the wooden block in it and tighten the screws.

 Prepare The Foundation

2. Make The Wall Of The Shed:

As you see the foundation is ready, then you need to take the walls of the shed and place it to the base of the shed, now tight the screws of the shed at the bottom and apply the wooden adhesive to the edges of the walls, so that they will be intact firmly.

Make The Wall Of The Shed

3. Make Roof Of The Shed:

Just like the base, you need to place the wooden blocks to the roof, tight the wooden block to the walls and make it firm, now you need to take the water proof wooden sheet and place it on the block, tighten the screws and make it firm, now with the chisel you need to chip off the edges of the roof, it is better to paint the roof in the color you want, but apply the primer first before start painting the roof.

Make Roof Of The Shed

4. Set The Doors and Windows:

Now you need to mark the door on the front wall and then mark out the widows to the side walls according to the size of the door and windows that you have, now take the wood cutter and cut the wood take it out, take the ready made door, place it to the door gap in the she shed walls and then fix it with the screws, check whether the door is opening or not, now take the windows it is better to take the windows of glass, now you need to fix it up to the windows gap.

Set The Doors and Windows

5. Installing Electricity:

As the interior of the she shed is just the basic wooden blocks, now you need to install the electricity first, place the wire to the sides of the blocks and fix it with the wire clamps, place the switch board at a certain height, make sure that the wires should not be loosen.

Installing Electricity

6. Fix The Dry Walls:

Now you need to add the insulation board in between the gaps of the blocks, take the dry walls, place it and fix it with the screws, apply the dry wall mud to it and make it smooth by rubbing it and then paint the walls in the color you want, make it dry, now you can place the chairs, bed and other stuff of your kid. The she shed is ready.

Fix The Dry Walls