How To Make Self Watering Seed Starter Pots From The Used Plastic Bottles

There are many things by which we can decorate our garden, sometimes small plants make our garden beautiful, we can make the hanging gardens, there are many used things and we can recycle all of them to the beautiful crafts, we all have the plastic bottles in our home and if we throw it out, then they are harmful for the atmosphere, so we can convert it in the starter pots and we can also make it self watering as sometime we forget to give water to our plants, it is simple projects and it will give new look to your garden.

1. Clean The Bottle:

First you need to take the bottle, make sure that all the bottle should be of same size, now take out the wrapping of it, add the water in the bottle shake it well and then drain out the water from it, so that there will not be any thing in the bottle, leave it for sometime, so that it will get dry.

Clean The Bottle

2. Make Hole:

As all the bottles are completely dry, add the cap of it, make it tight enough, now take the drill machine, add the 1/4 drilling bit in it, make it tight, now carefully make a hole in the cap, exactly in the middle of the cap, do the same with all the bottle.

Make Hole

2. Cut The Bottle:

Now take one bottle, place it on the board, hold it with the hands, so that it will not move, now take the sharp knife, mark 6 inches from the cap and then cut the bottle, if there are any sharp edges, then take it out and make the surface smooth.

Cut The Bottle

3. Place The Thread:

Now you need to take the thick cotton thread, mark it about 1 feet and then cut it, now insert it in the hole of the cap, now pull it so that the end of the thread will touch the edge of the bottle, do this for all the bottles.

Place The Thread

4. Apply Tape On Bottle:

Now you need to take the half cut bottle, now place the cap bottle on it and the thread should touch the bottom of the bottle, now you need to take the tap of good length, now slowly and carefully, fix it to the lower part of the bottles, so that the cap will not seen from outside, press the tape with the hands to make it firm.

Apply Tape On Bottle

5. Add The Fertilize Mud:

Now you need to take out the mud, crumble it on the flat surface, now you need to take the fertilizer and mix it with the mud gently, now take out the upper part of the bottle and add the mud in it, now sprinkle some of the water to it, so that it will get set easily, if there are any holes, then you need to add the mud again and sprinkle the water again.

Add The Fertilize Mud

6. Set The Bottle:

Now in the lower part of the bottle, add the water to it, now place the top bottle on it, make sure that the thread should touch the bottle, now you need the seeds in it, now do the same process for all the bottles that you made, now you need to find out the place, where the sunlight is coming, place all the bottle to that place, you will see after sometime, little plants are there. The self watering seed starter pots from the plastic bottles are ready.

Set The Bottle