How To Make Roses By The Maple Tree Leaves By Your Own

There are so many things that we can prepare by the nature, even we can say all the unreal things has its resemblance from the nature, there are many things available in the market made up of the plants, trees, leaves. We preserve leaves for the longer period and also we make many things, we all love the roses but roses can beautify only for few days, but maple leaves of the maple trees can be converted in the beautiful rose shape by using some of the simple steps, you need some of the simple tips and your maple rose is ready to use.

1. Select The Leaf:

First you need to select the leaf, this is the most important work, as you need to select those leaves which has no holes and any type of cut to it, you need to first set the size of the rose and then according to that select the size of the leaf more than of the set size of the rose, make sure that the leaves should be soft and the fresh, you need to pick up the leaves that has been fallen recently and it is better to select the leaves which has the multiple colors and also select some of the green maple leaves.

Select The Leaf

2. Fold The Leaf:

Now you need to take the selected leaf, now you need to hold the top of the leaf and fold it to the starting point of the petiole, you need to press the middle part, so that it will become flat, make sure that the midrib should not be broken, now you need to hold the leaf from the side ways and give it a fold again, again make sure that the leaf should not be broken, place this to the book for sometime, so that it will become flat.

Fold The Leaf

3. Roll The Leaf:

Now you need to take small pencil of the pen, you can use any skewer also, take out the leaf from the book, now place one edge to the roll, now you need to roll the pencil and slowly using your finger to roll the leaf on it, while rolling make sure that the layers of the leaf should be one on one in a line, so that the structure of the rose will not get damaged, now slowly and carefully take out the pencil from the roller and spread the upper parts of the leaves.

Roll The Leaf

4. Place The Sides Of Rose:

Now you need to take the leafs, that should be smaller in size to the rolled leaf, make sure that the leaf should have the petiole to it, place all the leafs to the sides of the roll and place the petiole together, you need to make the shape, just like the petals of the flower, now you need to hold the top of the leaf and bend it slightly, to give it the real shape.

Place The Sides Of Rose

5. Finalize The Rose:

Now you need to take green thread, roll it all over the petiole to make it tight, cut the extra petiole from the edges, if there are sharp edges, then you to hide is with the green paper and glue it, if you want to have a bunch of roses then you need to make many roses, tight all of them together to make the beautiful bunch of roses by the maple tree leaves.

Finalize The Rose