How To Make Lovely Owl From The Socks By Your Own

There are many things we can make by the socks, we have socks of different colors and materials, we all have many socks of our small kids which are not in use, by we can make many toys with them for our kids, socks owl is one of the best craft for the kids, normally we purchase it from the market with a good amount but we can make it at our home also by just following some of the simple steps, here is the guide to make the socks owl.

1. Select The Socks:

First you need to take the socks, now make sure that there will not be any holes in it, the socks can be new or old, but the socks should be clean properly, now you need to place the hand inside the owl and take out the outside of the owl, make it flat on the board.

Select The Socks

2. Mark The Sock:

Now you need to take the marker, that can use on the socks, hold the toe of the sock with the hand gently, take the marker and draw the eyes and ears of the owl, now you need start from one corner, make a small triangle and then draw a small line and then again draw the triangle to the other edge.

Mark The Sock

3. Cut The Sock:

Now you need to hold the socks with the hands, take the cloth cutting scissor and cut the sock in the shape of the eyes and ears that we have drawn on the sock, you need to make sure that all the cutting should be streamline and there will thread coming out of it.

Cut The Sock

4. Glue The Sock:

As you have cut the sock, now the ears have two open ends, you need to fix it, for this you need to take the cloth glue gun and apply the glue on the edges of the ears, press the ears hard with the finger tips, so that all the area will be glued nicely, now again insert the hand in the sock and then take out the upper sock and make it flat.

Glue The Sock

5. Fill The Cotton:

Now you need to shred the cotton balls, now fill the gap of the sock with the cotton, you need to add the little amount of the cotton in it, press it and again add the cotton to it, as all the sock is filled with the cotton then you need to take the thread and tie the open it gently, so that the cotton will not come out from the sock.

Fill The Cotton

6. Glue Small Circle To Base:

Take the remaining part of the sock, cut out a small circle from it, now place it on the top of the knot, now add the glue to the circle and then press it hard on the socks so that it will be glued.

Glue Small Circle To Base

7. Make Shape Of Owl:

Now you need to take the small blue felt for the base, white felt and V shape black felt, first take the blue felt, add the glue to the white felt, fix it on the blue felt and then add the glue to the black felt, fix it on the middle of the white felt, glue both of them to the owl and make the eyes of it, now glue a small yellow triangle to make the nose of it, add big light blue felt on the stomach area, glue small blue triangles on it, your sock owl is ready.

Make Shape Of Owl