How To Make Literal Grass Bed To Your Backyard By Your Own

Everyone loves to live in the lap of the nature, for this they visit to the places with full of the greenery, you go there and sleep on the grass directly but we can have this to our garden also, we can make our own lateral grass bed to our backyard and it is easy to build, here is step by step process to make the grass bed.

1. Clean The Area:

First you need to clean the area, where you want to have the bed, you need to remove the dirt and moisture of that area, it is better to apply any silicon gel or the water repelling gel before placing the board, the size of the area should be 10 inches long and 10 inches width.

Clean The Area

2. Prepare The Base:

Now you need take the wooden block the size of should be 6 feet in length and 6 inch in height, now place this on the clean surface and make the square the shape, now take the screw, place it on the joints and then hammer it, now take the drill machine with the screw bit on it, now tight the screws on it, now place the wooden blocks on the base to make the artificial bed, tighten the screws on each block with the base.

Prepare The Base

3. Prepare The Corners Of The Bed:

Now take the wooden blocks again and place this around the base of the bed, fix it with the screws with the drill machine, make sure the corners should be of 3 inch high and the height should be even, remove any chip if it is coming out from the bed.

Prepare The Corners Of The Bed

4. Make The Head Rest:

Now you need to make the block for the head rest, you need to make the simple design as it is a grass bed, just place the wooden block, on each other vertically and then tighten the blocks with the clamps, now screw the wooden blocks with drill machine, make sure that all the screws will be properly tighten and the bed is not shaking.

Make The Head Rest

5. Polish The Bed:

Now you need to take the planning machine, now by using this machine, you need to remove the shard edges and chips of the wooden, make the smooth surface, just rub your hands you will get the soft smooth texture on the wood, now you need to take the joint compound and fill the gap in between the wooden blocks, leave it for sometime and then rub it with the emery paper, clean the dust with the cotton cloth, now take the color as you want, put it inside the spray machine and spray the color on the bed, leave it for sometime, so that the color will be dried.

Polish The Bed

6. Place The Grass Mat:

Now you need to fill the bed gap with the mud, add the fertilizers in it, mix it gently, now add the water to it, leave it for sometime, if the mud will get low volume, then add more in it, now place the grass mat on it, make sure it should be fit to the edges of the bed, if there is any excess part, then trim it out and fit it inside the bed, cut the corners of the grass with the scissors, now water the whole grass gently for about the 10 days, now you can enjoy the literal bed of grass to your home.