How To Make Gorgeous Yarn Globe Lampshade By Your Own

We always want to decorate our room and we buy many decorative items to make our home beautiful, there are many places in our home and each place needs something unique to be placed, we can buy the things from the market and also make it by our own, lampshades are loved by everyone, you will get a lampshade definitely in every house, these lampshades are of different types, but the yarn globe shape lampshade is loved by most of us, it is expensive, but you can also make it by your own, here are the things and the step by step complete process for the yarn globe lampshade by your own.

1. Things That We Want:

It is easy to make the yarn globe lampshade, the material we need is easily available in the your home and you can also buy it from the market, we need the roll of the cotton yarn, we need glue, big bouncy ball, bags, towel, bulb, connector, wire, washer.

Things That We Want

2. Mark The Ball:

First you need to take the ball, clean it properly, you can use the spirit in the bowl and then clean it, so that all the yarn can stick to it properly, now you need to take the permanent marker and then mark a circle at the top of it, now draw the marks on the either sides of the ball, carefully place the bowl to the board.

Mark The Ball

3. Prepare The Glue:

Take the white glue, you can use the basic glue also, now pour the glue in a bowl, now add 1 part of the glue and 2 parts of the water in it, take the spoon, mix the water and the glue nicely, as you get the smooth even consistency in the glue, then you need to stop mixing it.

Prepare The Glue

4. Wrap The Yarn:

Now you need to place the yarn in the glue, as the yarn starts soaking the glue, place the yarn one end to the top of the ball, now place your finger and press it gently, now wrap the yarn on the bowl slowly, like the whole ball will be wrapped easily but make sure that the two yarns should not stick to each others, as they will not allow the light to pass from them, now make a hole in the yarn as we mark on the ball.

Wrap The Yarn

5. Add The Glue:

Now in the remaining glue, you need to same quantity of the water to the glue, again mix it like earlier, now place the ball on the firm place, pour the glue on the ball and make sure that it will spread to all the parts of the yarn, now leave it so that it will get dry and firm.

Add The Glue

6. Remove The Ball:

Now you need to insert the needle to the mark on the ball and as the air coming our from the ball, slowly try insert the hand between the yarn and the ball and slowly remove the ball from the yarn.

Remove The Ball

7. Place The Lampshade:

Now you need to take the holder, add the bulb to it, take out the wire from the small hole at the top of the yarn lamp, now place the washer on it and make it tight and firm, add a plug to the end of the wire, now hang it to place where you want it, insert the plug to the electricity board, your yarn globe lampshade is ready to use.

Place The Lampshade