How To Make Fashinable DIY Masquerade Masks For Party By Your Own

We go to the market and buy many dresses and other stuffs, when Halloween is coming, people wear weird dresses at Halloween, especially the kids, they want to become like monster, animals. Masquerade masks are loved by all the kids and they are quite expensive, but you know that the masquerade can be made easily by the leftover pieces of the stuffs that we have used, you can give any shape to masquerade, here is the step by step process by which you can make your own masquerade masks.

1. Tools Required:

We need very simple tools for this, we need a ruler and measuring tape, we need a paper cutting sharp scissor, we need a card board, we need a colored paper, the color can be of your choice, you need a sharpen pencil and a white paper also.

Tools Required

2. Measure The Dimensions Of Masks:

First you need to take the measuring tape, now select the face on which you want a masquerade mask, now measure a rectangular area, by which you can cover the forehead and the nose area, write down the dimensions to the paper.

Measure The Dimensions Of Masks

3. Draw And Cut The Dimensions:

Now you need to take the paper, take the sharp pencil, place the ruler on the paper and draw the rectangle of the same size on the paper, now you need to take the paper cutting scissor and cut out the rectangle from the paper.

Draw And Cut The Dimensions

4. Draw The Design Of Mask:

Now you need to fold the rectangle paper in half, place it on the board, now with the help of sharpen pencil, you need to make the design to the half side of the masquerade masks, you can choose the design as you want, in the middle you need to draw the eyes of the masquerade, the eyes should be slightly bigger than your eyes, now take the paper cutting scissor and cut out the outer design and the eyes of the design, unfold it and set it on the face, if it is ok then keep it aside.

Draw The Design Of Mask

5. Trace The Design On Colored Paper:

Now you need to place the design on the colored paper, now trace the design on the paper with the pencil, now cut the paper according to the design with the scissor, now again you need to trace the design on the card board with the pencil and take the hard scissor and cut out the card board in the same pattern, now you need to apply the paper glue on the card board and then place the colored paper on it, now press it hard with the hand, but make sure that the paper should be stick to the board in the same pattern.

Trace The Design On Colored Paper

6. Draw The Design:

Now  you will have the base of the masquerade mask, but you need to decorate it, make the designs on the masquerade, now apply the glue on the top of it, leave the glue for sometime, so that it will get dry and become hard slightly.

Draw The Design

7. Press The Golden Magic Paper:

Now you need to take the golden paper, place it on the top of the glue, press it hard and remove it, the glittering gold color will be there on the 3D designs, do this process for all over the masks, add the golden strips to the edges of the masks and fix it. Your masquerade is ready to use.

Press The Golden Magic Paper