How To Make Dancing Ballerinas From Wire And Tissue Paper By Your Own

We all dream to have a home and we want it to make beautiful, for this we decorate it with so many things, like we use the curtain, antiques, pots, craft. Most of the decorative items are costly and available in the market, but if you want to decorate your home with your own craft, then this will give shock to the others. In our home we have the waste wires and napkins but we can make a beautiful dancing ballerinas from it. Here is the step by step process to make the dancing ballerinas by our own.

1. Skeleton:

First you need to take the wire, make sure that you should use the single strand wire, so that there should not be any damage to the napkins, now first you need to take wire of about the 4 inches and then bend it with the middle and make the English letter V, now take the other wire, make small elliptical on the top of it, now take 2 wires of the 6 inches fold it together, now roll it from the middle to the middle portion of the elliptical wire, now knot the other end of the elliptical to the V, now your skeleton is ready, make 10 skeleton like this.


2. Prepare The Tissue Paper:

Now take the tissue paper, make sure that you have the plain tissue paper, because the colored tissue paper will not give the proper look to the ballerinas doll, if you have any designed tissue paper, then cover it with the plain tissue paper, you need at least 15 tissue papers for this.

Prepare The Tissue Paper

3. Warp Tissue Paper:

Now you need to take the tissue paper, cut it into strips of about the 1 inch width, now hold the skeleton in your hands, apply the gum to it, now wrap the tissue paper on it, slowly and warp the whole skeleton with the tissue paper, make sure that there should not be any wire remaining, now press hard with the fingers, so that tissue paper will stick to the wire.

Warp Tissue Paper

4. Making Of The Frocks:

Now take the tissue paper, bend it half and then again bend it, now hold one corner of the tissue with the fingers tightly, now roll it nicely, now you see a structure like the an umbrella, now make at least 7 to 8 umbrella like this, here you need to apply little bit of the gum to the fingers and apply it on the pointed tissue paper, so that it will not open again, you can use different colors of the tissue paper also, but make sure that all should be plain.

Making Of The Frocks

5. Assemble The Ballerinas:

Now you need to make the ballerinas, for this you need to dip the top of the frocks in the gum and then we need to stick all the things with each other, make the frocks of about the double the number of the skeleton, now spread the umbrella, so that the frock will look bouncy, now take the skeleton, now again, gum the neck of the skeleton, now stick the tissue paper on it, so that there will be thick chest.

Assemble The Ballerinas

6. Hang The Ballerinas:

Now you need to take the thread, tight the chest of the ballerinas, knot it properly, you can also add the pearl in the thread and make it tight. Ballerinas are ready, you can hang the ballerinas single and with the couples to get the best look.

Hang The Ballerinas