How To Make Beautiful Pendant Lamp From Papers By Your Own

We always want to use the light to decorate our house and for this we use the light directly to the different places of the house, but the light lamps are the best to glow your house, these lamps are so beautiful, pendant lamps are loved by most of the us and they are also quite expensive, but you need not to worry, you can make your own pendant lamp by using the papers, it is simple and eye catching, here are the simple steps by which we can make our onw pendant lamp from the paper.

1. Fold The Paper:

You need to first take the paper, you can take any color, now fold it to half, now fold one side to the half and flip the paper to the other side and fold it half again, swipe the edges hard, so that the corners will be in shape.

Fold The Paper

2. Cut The Paper:

You need to check the dimensions of the folded paper, cut another paper to the same size, fold it and draw and oval shape on it, now cut the paper according to the mark, unfold it, place it on the folded paper and then mark the pattern, cut the paper according the mark, you will have 12 leave shape pieces of the folded paper.

Cut The Paper

3. Make The Cone Shape:

Now take one leave and fold it slightly to the base of it, now roll it again, so that it will have the cone shape structure, now take all the leaves and make the cone of it, apply glue to the edges and glue it to the paper.

Make The Cone Shape

4. Make The Flower Through Cones:

Now you need to take one cone, to the side of it, apply the glue, now take another cone and stick to the glued cone exactly in the same style, now again glue to the same side of the cone and place the cone to it, follow this pattern and you will get the flower shape by the cones.

Make The Flower Through Cones

5. Prepare More Flowers Of Different Sizes:

Now you need to take the papers of the different colors of the smaller sizes, now follow the above procedure and make cones of the different smaller sizes and color, now you need to stick all the cones to the get the flowers of the different sizes.

Prepare More Flowers Of Different Sizes

6. Fix All The Flowers:

Now you need to take the big flower at the base, apply glue on it, now take the flower of the smaller size, place it on the top of it, leave it for sometime, so that it will get stick to the base, then again apply the glue on the small flower and stick another small flower to it, you need to make two flowers like this of different colors.

7. Prepare Big Cone With Holes:

Now you need to take the paper of slightly big size of about the 12 inches, now you need to mark a half circle on it with the radius of about 10 inches, now draw the lines of the from the circle to the perimeter, now draw V marks on it, now cut the mark, so that there will be holes in the paper, now fold it just like we have done it earlier and fix it.

Prepare Big Cone With Holes

8. Fix First Flower:

Now you need to take first flower, in the center of it, you need to add the glue, place the cone on it, insert it hard, so that the cone will slightly come out from the hole of the flower, now cut the excess part.

Fix First Flower

9. Prepare The Base For First Flower:

Now you need to take the card board cut it into circle, glue a paper of another color on it, now cut out a small circle in the center of the board, now take the pearl insert golden thread in it, tie a knot at the end, so that the pearl will not come out from it, mark 3 hole to the corners of the board at same distance, insert the pearl in it, now fix the base of the first flower on the board.

Prepare The Base For First Flower

10. Install The Light:

Now you need to take the wire, place a pedant holder in it, now insert the wire to the cone and take out it from the hole of the board, tie a knot to the board, add the light as you want.

 Install The Light

11. Finalize The Lamp:

Now you need to take second flower, place it on the top of the cone, apply the glue on it, as it dry, hang the pedant lamp to any place, insert the plug to the electricity board. Your Pedant Lamp from paper is ready.

Finalize The Lamp