How To Make Amazing Magical Glow Dark Resin Inlay Table

If you want to throw a  party to your house and you want to show your creativity to your friends, then you can amazed them by the glow dark resin inlay, it is a normal dinning table, but the best thing is that as you switch off the light the board will start glowing and dinner served on it, looks amazing, now a day many clubs and the restaurants has this glowing table or make their floor glowing, but it is a simple and easy process by which you can make your magical glow dark resin inlay.

1. Prepare The Planks:

First you need to set the dimensions of the table, then you need to cut it in the blocks, you need to use the mill wood, this wood can get the easily shape as you want and it has some holes in it which can be used as a magical glow.

Prepare The Planks

2. Prepare The Board For The Table:

Now you need to take the parts of the planks, take the buffing tool and make the shape edges to it, now you need to dig two hole to each sides of the planks, glue to the edges of the planks, now place the wooden chips inside one block and insert it to the hole of the other block, now you need to do this for all the planks, make sure that there should not be any gap in between the two planks, now you need to place the clamps on the planks and leave it for sometime, so that it will be glue to each other and the board for the table is ready to use.

Prepare The Board For The Table

3. Make The Holes For Glowing:

As the mill has the fungus attack all over the wood, but you need to clean the hole make by the fungus, you need to take the needle and then dig the fungus wood and take it out, blow air on it and then clean the holes properly, now you need to the buffing machine and make the surface as smooth as possible.

Make The Holes For Glowing

4. Prepare The Glowing And Resin Powder:

There are many resin available in the market, you need to mix the same ratio of the resin and the catalyst, you can use any color to glow, but the blue color is loved by many, so you need to add the blue color to the resin mixture, now you need to mix all the things well.

Prepare The Glowing And Resin Powder

5. Pour The Glowing Mixture:

Now you need to take the glowing mixture and pour the mixture to the holes on the board, you need to make sure that the hole should be completely filled by the mixture, spread the mixture to it edges and take out the excess mixture, now leave the mixture for about a night, so that it will get completely dried.

Pour The Glowing Mixture

6. Polyurethane Shiny Look:

To give the table a natural and shiny look, you need to use the polyurethane on it, take the polyurethane in the bowl, take the brush and apply it all over the table, you need to give at least two coats of it, leave it for sometime so that it will be dried.

Polyurethane Shiny Look

7. Add The Stands:

Now you need to drill the holes to the back side of the block, tighten the screws to the steel base block for the stands, now you need to place the stands and tighten the screws of it also, your magical glow dark resin inlay table is ready to use.

Add The Stands