How To Make Adobrable Ninja Turtle Ornaments For Chritmas By Your Own

We do lots of preparation in the Christmas and the most of the important part is to decorate the Christmas tree by the beautiful crafts, we add the lights, we add the bulbs, balls, snowman and many other thing, we also hang the ornaments on the Christmas tree, but we can give these ornaments a look of the ninja turtle heads and this will increase the look of our Christmas tree also, these turtle ninja ornaments can be made easily by your own. Here is the step by step process by which we can make the ninja turtle ornaments with the listed tools.

1. Tools Required:

As this is the easy way to make ninja turtles by the ornaments, so for this you need to have the green ornaments, green color is good because it match up with the color of the Christmas tree, we need to have a hot glue gun with the pointed tip, we need to have the wiggle eyes, make sure that the eyes should not of medium size and the ribbons to make the eye scarfs, you should select many colors of the ribbon and a scissor.

Tools Required

2. Mark The Length Ribbon:

First you need to take the ornament, hold it to the hand tightly, as it can glide easily, now take the ribbon, wrap it to the bowl slightly up to the middle of the ornament, now take marker and mark the length of the ribbon on it, now you need to take all the ornaments one by one, wrap it with the other colors of the ribbon and mark all the ribbon

Mark The Length Ribbon

3. Cut The Ribbon:

Now you need to place the ornaments on the board, place the ribbon on the board, now measure the length fold the ribbon to the same length and cut it, make sure that the cutting edges should be sharp and the thread will not coming out from the edges, do the same process for all the ribbons.

Cut The Ribbon

4. Glue The Ribbon On Ornament:

Take the ornament in your hand, clean it, take the glue gun and apply glue to one side of the ornament, place one side of the ribbon to the glue for sometime, now wrap it twice on the ornaments, again apply the glue on the other end of the ribbon and then fix it on the back, press it by the thumb for sometime, so that the ribbon will be glued nicely, now do the same process for all the ornaments and ribbons.

Glue The Ribbon On Ornament

5. Fix Wiggle Eyes On Ornament:

Now you need to ornament, apply two drops of the glue on the ribbon just opposite to the glue applied, there should be a gap of the 1 cm between the drops, now take the wiggle eyes, fix it on the glue, press it hard with the thumb, now do the same process for all the ornaments and leave it for sometime, so that the ribbon and the eyes will glued to the ornament easily.

Fix Wiggle Eyes On Ornament

6. Fix The Hanging Wire:

On the top of the each ornament, there is hole, so now you need to take the thread, it is good to take the wire which has the glitters on it, now you need to insert it in the hole, now tie both the ends of the thread, do the same process for all the ornaments, now you can decorate your Christmas tree with the ninja turtle ornaments.

Fix The Hanging Wire