How To Make 3D Snowflakes With Paper By Your Own

We can make any decorative items by using the normal day to day life things, as we know that some of the items are quite expensive but they are easy to make at home. We have seen hanging snowflakes in many shops and we want it in our home also. Many people use the snowflake as the Christmas star also, add light to it and hang it to the balcony or on the Christmas tree, we can make the 3D snowflakes with the paper and some simple tools, here is the step by step complete process by which you can make your own 3D snowflakes.

1. Required Tools:

To make 3D snowflakes by your own, we need some of the simple tools, we need six sheets of the paper, paper scissor, tape and the stapler.

Required Tools

2. Cut The Paper:

We have six sheets of the paper, as all the sheets are in rectangular in shape, but we need to sheets to be in square, so first we take the paper, hold it one end and place to the diagonally opposite corner of the sheet, now you need to take the paper scissor, cut the excess part of it, do this with all the sheets.

Cut The Paper

3. Cut The Design:

Take one square sheet, fold it from the corners, now again fold it from corners, make sure that there should not be any edges coming out of it, now take the paper scissor, cut the paper half an inch from the base and leave it from the corners, now again cut the paper from half inch from the first corner and leave it at the corner, leave it till to reach the top of the paper, take all the paper and then do this process for all of them.

Cut The Design

4. Fold The Edges:

As all the papers has been cut, you need to take one paper, unfold it, now you will see small squares, you need to first take the small square, join the two diagonally opposite edges, like that it will have a cylindrical look, stick the edges with the tape, now you need to flip to the other side and take the next square, stick its two diagonally opposite corners with the tap, again flip to the other side and do this process, till you get the last square, now you need to take all the squares and do this process for all of them.

Fold The Edges

5. Make The Snowflakes:

As your all the parts are ready, now you need to take one part, hold it one edge, place the edge of the another paper design on it, staple it, now again place the other edge on it and staple it, do this process for all of the edges and staple all of them, now you need to spread all the six leaves to get the snowflake shape, but they are moving, so you need to take staple the one strip to the other strip of the snowflake, now you snowflakes are ready, you can make snowflakes of different color and different size also.

Make The Snowflakes

6. Decorate The Snowflakes:

If Christmas are coming, then decorate the Christmas tree with the snowflakes is the best idea, take the Christmas tree, add the balls, lights and other decorative items on it, now  place the snowflake to the center of the Christmas tree. The snowflakes will look like a star of Christmas.

Decorate The Snowflakes