How To Get Epoxy Metallic Flooring For The Elegance Lood By Your Own

We always want to decorate our home, we try many designs to the walls and floor, now a days, metallic epoxy flooring is in fashion, it is easy to install and we can create many designs in it, basically it is polymer, that we spread on the floor with different colors and then we allow to cool, it get sets and give a 3D effect to the floor, the floor is shiny and glossy, this is used best in the shopping malls, confectionary shops, kids rooms and other places also, it does not take much time to install, you can get it by your own easily, here is the process by which we can make our floor an epoxy metallic flooring in easy steps.

1. Prepare The Floor:

First you need to clean the floor, clean it with the soap water or you can use a vacuum cleaner for this, make sure that there should not be any dirt in the room, take a tap and apply it to the corners of floor, check that there should not be any chips coming off from the wooden flooring, it there then remove it and make it smooth, it is good to scrub the whole surface and the clean it.

Prepare The Floor

2. Prepare The Mixture:

Now you take the epoxy polymer, melt it and put it in the containers, to get the best effect on the floor, then you should use different colors as the they will make some unique and stylish designs on the floor, now you need to set the temperature of the room to 25 temperature for perfect finishing.

Prepare The Mixture

3. Spread The Mixture:

As the mixture is prepared and the floor is ready, now spread the mixture on it, do not spread the mixture at one place only, spread it to different places, now do this with the other colors also, by doing this we can get the even color mixture on the floor.

Spread The Mixture

4. Mix The Colors:

Now you need to take the flat rubber squeeze and the flat painting roller, spread the color to the sides of the floor and mix the colors to it, make sure that you should not apply any extra pressure on the squeeze and roller as they will create unnecessary lines on it, try to make an even layer on the floor, make sure that there should not be any bubbles and lumps in it.

Mix The Colors

5. Roll The Epoxy:

Now as the metal epoxy has been spread to the every corner and the side of the floor and you will see the mirror effect on the epoxy, then take a 18 inch snap roller and with the soft hand roll all over the surface, if you see any fine lines, then try to dissolve or remove it with the help of the roller, leave it for about the 5 minutes, now again roll the surface with the roller, repeat this process for 3 to 4 times.

Roll The Epoxy

6. Finish The Floor:

Now you need to remove the tap from the edges and if there is any patches on the wall then remove it immediately with the thinner, now leave it again for about the 25 minutes, so that the mixture will become dry to the edges, now again roll the whole surface, leave the surface for about the 3-4 hours, so that the whole mixture will become solid and the floor is ready to use.

Finish The Floor