How To Create Unique Garden Art From Junk

Want to transform your garden into an awesome piece of art? You easily do that by adding colors to your garden with some simple unwanted and discarded objects stored in your garage or store rooms. If you are wondering how to do that, let me help you with some ideas so that you can start transforming your garden into some unique piece of art.

How To Create Unique Garden Art From Junk:

1. Drawer Plantation:

If you have been collecting old drawers for years stored in your garage or store room, it’s time to use them in a unique way. Simply add some colors to the drawers and put some flower pots inside the drawer. Place it on a rack or you can hang them as well.

2. Bottle Flowers:

Make your garden bloom all summer long with bottle flowers. Take old wine bottles, lag bolts, rubber stopper and steel ball. Simply welt the bolts into a steel ball. Then, screw the bottles with the help of a rubber stopper attached to it.

Bottle Flowers

3. Tennis Racket Art:

Make colorful garden art using an old tennis racket and colorful beads. Simply cut the strings and put colorful beads in a wire and attach the wires on the rackets in a creative way.

Tennis Racket Art

4. Flower Art:

You can make this flower art with some old car license plates, an old doorknob, old copper lid, and an iron rod. Simply fix the license plates in a floral motif, close the middle of the flower with old copper lid, and fix the doorknob in the middle. Then, fix the whole flower in an iron rod.

 Flower Art

5. Spoon Chimes:

Make this garden art with some flattened spoons and old kitchen accessories. Take an old potato smasher and simply fix the spoons in it. And your wind chime garden art is ready.

Spoon Chimes

6. Iron Board Lady:

Simply start with an old ironing board and add some old household accessories to complete the design of the body. Spray paint the board with any color of your choice.

Iron Board Lady

7. Old Garden Tools:

Take some old garden tools, paint them according to your choice. Now draw some cool mosaic art all over the body. Keep the tools anywhere in the garden or you can hang them as well.

Old Garden Tools

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8. Rusty Old Dust Pans:

Take your old rusty dustpans out from the store room. Add a metal mesh ornet, put some soil, add a grid decor, and then finish with planting small flowerless plants or mosses.

Rusty Old Dust Pans

9. Former Kitchen Accessories:

Take an old rusty pan, teapot, and a watering can. Simply transform these old kitchen items into a new and unique container garden.

Former Kitchen Accessories

10. Metal Flower Garden:

You can simply make a metal garden with some old flat washers, wind turbine ball bearings, door parts, electric boxes and an iron rod.

Metal Flower Garden

11. Old Shoes:

I am sure you have some old covered shoes kept in your store rooms. It’s time to use them. Take out your old shoes, paint them with your favorite colors, and start planting small herb like plants.

Old Shoes

I have given few ideas for your unique garden art. Apart from these basic things you can use old bicycles, typewriters, old hurricanes, buckets, old show pieces, old junk jewelry, old furniture, old glass or ceramic utensils, old bottles and cans, old bathtubs, window sheds, old toolboxes, and much more. There are numerous ideas are waiting for you. Start turning your garden into a unique piece of art today.