How To Create A Patio Water Garden

The patio is a paved area outside the house that touches the wall of the room inside. People use this area for many purposes including dining and receiving the guests. A patio decorated with plants adds greenery to a home and makes it look very attractive. Apart from the potted plants and containers, you can also place water plants in this area. It will also help in creating a mini pond in the patio. However, it is very challenging to make a water garden and it is not very easy. A lot of planning is needed for this. The water plants don’t need any type of maintenance. We will give you some tips for making a water garden. Use out tips to create an appealing patio water garden at your home. It will give a calm and relaxing feel to the outdoor area.

Following Are Some Tips On How To Create A Patio Water Garden:

1. Use Plastic Containers Or Tubs

For creating an aquatic garden, you will need plants like water lilies. You need to place the plants in plastic containers or even a tub would be sufficient for this. The container should not have any hole, as the water will leak out. Seal the holes properly before using the container. Apart from a small sized container, you can use big containers for making a water garden.

Use Plastic Containers Or Tubs

2. Use Half Barrel

Apart from using containers and tubs for creating a water garden, you can also use barrels for this purpose. Cut the barrel from its center into two parts and use it for placing water plants. For this, you can use a wine barrel or any other type. Insert a liner inside the barrel to ensure that the water does not leak outside. The liner is a plastic container that can be fitted in the barrel.

Half Barrel

3. Use Different Types Of Plants

Instead of using similar plants, use plants with different and contrasting shapes to make a water garden. Tall plants with spikes and plants with braid leaves are very good. The cattail, water lettuce, spider lily, spotted calla and cranberry taro are ideal water plants for the patio.

Use Different Types Of Plants

4. Place The Container In A Sunny Area

Choose a sunny area and place the container or tub there. There should be a minimum of four hours sunlight in this place. Sunlight is necessary for growing flowering plants in the water. Ensure that the container with plants does not get the extremely hot sunlight in the late afternoon.

Place The Container In A Sunny Area

5. Caring For The Water Plants

Once planted, proper care of the water plants is also necessary. Shift the plants to a sunny spot if they are not growing properly. For a faster growth, you can use fertilizing tablets. Cut the bigger plants and shift them in another pot with soil. Add more water at the top of the container if the water has evaporated by the sunlight. Use products that help kill mosquito larvae. Shift the plants with the container inside during winters. You can also place the plants in the basement area.

Caring For The Water Plants

6. Cleaning Of Containers

For a seasonal maintenance of the water garden, clean the container after removing the contents inside it. Wash the container to clean it properly without scrubbing it. Fill the water and plants again. Do the cleaning at regular intervals when the season changes.

Cleaning Of Containers

7. Add Fish To The Water Garden

Adding fish to the water garden helps in controlling the mosquitoes in water. You should add fish only seven days after you make the water garden and place it on the patio. The best fishes to add are goldfish, minnow fish, and rice fish. Use the goldfish alone as it can eat the other fishes.

Add Fish To The Water Garden