How To Caulk A Bath Tub In Easy Way By Your Own

We always want that our bathroom should look neat and clean, we do many things for this, in our bathroom we have the bath tubs, but we need to caulk it and sometime the caulk is damaged also, if we do the caulk by the professional then it is quite expensive, but if you want to save your money, then you can do it by yourself also, it is easy and fun, you need to follow some of the simple steps.

1. Remove The Sealing:

First you need remove the dirt from the seal with the soap water, make it dry and then take the scrapper, insert it in the sealing and then remove the sealing by scratching it, you should not apply extra pressure as it may get slip and injuries can be happened, as all the sealing is removed, take the air blowing and blow out all the small particles of the sealing.

Remove The Sealing

2. Clean The Surface:

As you blow out all the things, the particles will be here and there, so you need to take the clean wet cloth or the tissue paper and wipe out all the things, make the surface as smooth as possible.

Clean The Surface

3. Place The Tap To The Sides:

There will be gap between sides of the tub and the wall, if you caulk it then you will not get the proper finishing, to get the proper finishing, you need to take the tap that can fix on the tub, place it to the edges of the tub and just above the contacting surface of the walls, make sure that the tap should place as close as possible and it would be in straight line.

Place The Tap To The Sides

4. Install Silicon Gun:

Silicon is the best water repelling substance and all the caulking is done by the silicon only, there are small tubes which can be used to the smaller area, but the area of application of the silicon to the tub is quite long we need to use a gun, take the silicon tube, place it in the gap between the gun, the base of the tube is to the back side and pointer should be front, press the trigger, the silicon will start coming out from it.

Install Silicon Gun

5. Apply The Silicon:

Now you need to place the gun close to the gap of the walls, now press the trigger and slowly apply the silicon in the gap, you have to do this process in the installments, as you have applied the silicon to the area of about 1 feet, then dip the first finger to the water, press the silicon and glide it to make it smooth, now again apply the silicon to the area and press it, you need to do this process for the whole tub, make sure that the silicon should not apply to the tub surface, as it is hard to clean it.

Apply The Silicon

6. Remove The Tape:

As you have applied the silicon to all the area, now leave it for 30 seconds, now slowly take out the tape from the wall and the tub, don’t give jerk to the tape, as you are removing you will see a clean line of the caulk, if it is uneven then take the sharp knife and make it in the line, leave it for sometime so that it will become dry, you bath tub is perfectly caulked and ready to use.

Remove The Tape