How To Build Your Own All In One Kitchen With Barbecue To Your Outdoor

When there is a nice weather outside, fresh air is blowing, then you want to do all the things outside in the lap of the nature, you always make your backyard, just like a garden but we can make a portable kitchen with the barbecue in it by which we can cook our food in it, well we need to follow some of the simple steps and our kitchen is ready.

1. Prepare The Base:

First you need to prepare the base of it, for this you need to have the wooden blocks, you need to make rectangular shape, the length should according to your project, now you need to fix the blocks to each other with the screws and then add the studs in between it, you need to prepare the a base for the middle kitchen and two sides of it.

Prepare The Base

2. Prepare The Sides:

Now you need to measure the base frame, according to it, you need to prepare the side frames of it, the height of each the frames will be equal and the length of the frames should be according to the adjacent base frame, place all the four frame to the on the base frames, place the tapes to the edges, now you need to take the screw and tighten the adjacent frames and fix it also with the base.

Prepare The Sides

3. Fix All The Bases:

As you all the three blocks are ready, now place them to the desired place, here you need place small wooden chips to the bottom of the corners of frames, so that it will not have the direct contact with the ground, now with the help of the screws fix all of them to each other, make sure that the structure should be tight and should not move.

Fix All The Bases

4. Make The Kitchen Shelve:

Now you need to measure the top of each block, take a wooden waterproof sheet, with the help of the wooden cutter, place it on the top of all the block, fix it with the screws, so that it will not move, now you need to take the screws, fix the sheet to the frame from the back, so that there will be head of the screws visible on the top.

Make The Kitchen Shelve

5. Place The Sink:

Now you need cut the hole from the wooden sheet, exactly in the shape of the sink, make a big hole in it to fix up the tap for the water, now add the silicon glue to the edges of the hole and place the sink in it, do the same to fix up the tap water.

Place The Sink

6. Cover The Panels:

Now you need to take the thin wooden blocks, with the thickness of the half an inch and the width of about 6 inches, now place this to the frames and cover up the whole kitchen with it, your kitchen is ready.

Cover The Panels

7. Cut The Kitchen Shelve For Barbecue:

Now you need to measure the length and the width of the barbecue with the ruler and mark the dimensions on the other side of the shelve, now you need to cut it slightly smaller than the actual dimension, now you need to take out the block carefully, if there are edges then take it off, now place the barbecue it, use hammer to push it down, now with the silicon glue, fix the edges of the barbecue. Your outdoor kitchen with the barbecue is ready to use.

Cut The Kitchen Shelve For Barbecue