How To Build Outdoor Cob Oven In Simple Steps By Your Own

If your house is at a good location and you have a big back yard, then you can do many things in it, many people get fed up with the cooking inside the home, they want some change in the cooking, wood fired outdoor cob oven is the best option for you. It is easy to build and you can cook many delicious dishes from it, if you are giving any party in your backyard, then you need to prepare many dishes in the kitchen, while cooking they cannot enjoy the party, but you can have the full enjoyment if you have the outdoor cob oven, here are the simple steps by which you can build it easily by your own.

1. Prepare The Foundation:

First you need to prepare the base of the oven, for this you can have the table or any wooden structure, make sure that it should be high enough from the ground, now you need to take the cemented blocks, place it in the middle on the top of the table and then follow the path to cover the whole table, now you need to spread the sand on the gap and lock it nicely, so that the table will not get burnt by the heat.

Prepare The Foundation

2. Mark The Oven Layer:

As the foundation level is even, then take the marker or the paint, now you need to draw a circle on the foundation, make sure that the circle should be just close to one of the sides of the foundation, now make an inner circle, now you need to draw the tow parallel lines joining both the circles and touching the corners of the foundation.

Mark The Oven Layer

3. Make The Sand Cob Mold:

Now you need to take the sand, add the water to it, mix it with the water so that there will be thick paste consistency, now you need to place the sand in the inner circle, now you need to make the dome of it, with the height of about 15 inches, tap it gently, so that there will not be any gap in the sand, now with the help of the water, make the surface pretty smooth.

Make The Sand Cob Mold

4. Mold Of The Entrance:

At the edge of the foundation make a wall of the stones, now place two bricks one on one, now place the sand to the inner part of the parallel lines, make again a dome like structure, but here the dome should be of the about the 8 inches height, now again with the help of the water make the surface smooth, now you need to take the paper, make it wet and place it on the top of the whole mold structure.

Mold Of The Entrance

5. Prepare The Clay:

Now you need to add 2 parts of the sand with the 1 part of the clay, mix it gently, so that there will be dough of it, take big amount of the dough, place this to the line of the outer circle and the outer parallel line, now slowly cover the mold with the thick layer of the clay mixture, scratch it little bit and leave it for overnight, so that it will get set.

Prepare The Clay

6. Make The Outer Layer:

Now you need to take the clay, sand and the dry grass, mix all the things well and make the thick dough of it, now place this over the clay mixture and make a thick layer of it, slowly with the help of the water make the outer layer surface smooth.

Make The Outer Layer

7. Take Out The Stone:

Now you need out the walls of the brick, remove it carefully so that the structure of the door of the oven will not get damaged, now take the dry sand and apply it to the curved structure of the door, this will smooth the surface of the door, now take out the two bricks of the pipe, now slowly with the help of the hand, scratch out the sand of it, rub the surface so that there will not be any sand inside the hollow pipe.

Take Out The Stone

8. Take Out The Sand Of Dome:

Now you need to slowly take out the sand of the dome structure, by scratching it with the hands, now you need to take out the paper of it also, clean the area properly and leave the whole oven for 2 days, so that it will get properly dry.

Take Out The Sand Of Dome

9. Finalize The Oven:

Now you need to place wood inside it and burn it, again clean it properly, sprinkle few drop of the water on the top of the cob oven, your outdoor cob oven is ready to use.

Finalize The Oven