Easy Steps To Make Your Home Beautiful By Homemade Rag Quilt

Easy Steps To Make Your Home Beautiful By Homemade Rag Quilt

Our bed is the most important thing of our bedroom, we have so many things to place on it, we need mattresses, bedsheets, pillows, pillows cover and the most important thing is the rag quilt, these soft rag quilts are big patches that are sewed together to make the pattern, these comes in many designs and they are expensive, you can make it by your own also, you need to have the Shannon fabric coddle kit, threads, rotatory cutter, ruler, market and the measuring tape,

Here Is The Step By Step Complete Process By Which You Can Make The Rag Quilt Easily By Your Own:

1. Cut The Fabric:

First you need to take the Shannon fabric, now take the measuring tape, place it on the top of the fabric, mark the length with the marker, first cut the length with the rotatory knife and then make the square of about 10 inches of sides, you have to make the squares from all the fabric, if the thread is coming out from the fabric, then you need to cut it, you need to take the fabric of different sizes and colors, so that complete rag quilt can be made.

2. Make The Pattern:

Now take the cuddle cake, cut it in the same shape as the square, take the fabric piece, place the cake on the top of it, again on the top of it, place the fabric pieces of the same color but of the other design, make sure that the cuddle cake cloth should not be folded, take the pin and insert it inside the fabric and stick all the things together.

3. Sew The Squares:

Take the sewing machine, set the machine to the normal sewing, place the fabric and set it to the one corner, sew the fabric to the diagonally opposite and then again sew the other corner diagonally opposite to the other one, making a letter of X, do this for all the fabric square, make sure that there should not be any fold in it.

4. Select The design Of The Quilt:

Now you need to a clean board, now place all the squares, on it, in a patter which you want, just imagine your quilt and make the patter by it, now make sure that the top side should be in the top, now start from the last square, make a bundle of the squares, by putting all the squares one by one on each other, keep the bundle near to the place of the sewing machine.

Select The design Of The Quilt

5. Sew The Rag Quilt:

Set the machine to the thick sewing, first you need to take the top layer, place it to the sewing machine and sew it, you need to follow the pattern till you get the all the layer of the quilt sewed, now take tow layer, fold the edges, place the two edges close to each other and place this again to the sewing machine and then sew the layers, you need do the same with all layer that you have sewed.

Sew The Rag Quilt

6. Finalize The Quilt:

Spread the rag quilt, cut the machine thread with the scissor, pull all the stitching part gently, spread the folded part also, now take the scissor and cut the folded part, bend it slightly to give it the nice roller shape, place it to the bed and your rag quilt is ready to use.

Finalize The Quilt