Easy Steps To Make Tutu Table Skirt For Your Little Girl’s Bedroom By Your Own

Easy Steps To Make Tutu Table Skirt For Your Little Girl's Bedroom By Your Own

We all want to gift many things to our kids and they love the surprises and the gifts. There are many things that we can gift to our little girls. Tutu table is loved by most of the girls, this is not an ordinary table, it is the table which has all the things related to the girls, so you can also make the tutu table by your own, you need just the old simple round table,

Here Are The Step By Step Complete Process By Which You Can Make The Tutu Table:

1. Tools Required:

There are easy things that we need to make the tutu table, we need a table, 6 shades of tulle at 6 yards each, measuring tape, scissors, safety pins, markers, elastic of about 1 inch, sewing needle and thread

Tools Required

2. Prepare The Table:

First you need to select the table, make sure that there should be proper space between the table, the top of the table should be smooth, there should not be any chips and the sharp edges to the table, as this may give cut mark to the girls, the table should be properly balanced without any cracks to it.

Prepare The Table

3. Measure The Table:

First you need to take the measuring tape, place it to the sides of the table and measure the circumference of the table, you need to measure the height of the table from the ground also, write down all the dimensions to the paper, mark the length of the table to the elastic tape, take the scissor and cut the tape slightly less that the desired length of the table.

Measure The Table

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4. Cut The Tulle:

Spread all the tulle yards on the board, now marked the height of the table to it, you need to fold the yard and cut it about 2 inch more in the size, you need to cut all the yards in the same dimensions.

Cut The Tulle

5. Set The Board:

Now you need to take the card board, place the elastic on it, now spread it to the full length, take the pins, insert it to both the edges, now take the paper tape and fix the elastic to the card board.

 Set The Board

6. Tie The Tulle:

Take all the cut tulle, fold it now insert the fold tulle to the elastic, now pass both the ends of the tulle from the fold part, pull out the remaining tulle and make the knot from it, now again take the tulle of the other color and repeat the process, you need to follow the pattern, till the whole elastic will finished.

Tie The Tulle

7. Cover The Top Of The Table:

Now you need to take the table cloth, apply the glue to the circumference of the table, now place the cloth on the top of it, like that the cloth should cover the table and the remaining cloth should cover the lower part of the table, if any edges start touching the ground, just trim it nicely.

Cover The Top Of The Table

8. Wrap The Elastic:

Now you need to take the elastic, stretch it, so that it will wrap easily around the table, make sure that the elastic should be in line to the table circumference, take sew both the edges of the elastic and make it tight, now place all the things which is loved by your little princess on the table and gift the tutu table to her. The tutu table skirt is ready.

Wrap The Elastic