Easy Steps For Making The Command Station To Gift Your Loved Ones

Easy Steps For Making The Command Station To Gift Your Loved Ones

Gifts are always loved by all and if the gifts are made by our self then they are really price less. Command station can be used as a place to store your daily stuff, these command stations are made up of the many materials, we can also make it, we need to first ensure about the stuff of the persons and according to it we should design the command station

Here Is The Step By Step Process By Which You Can Make Your Command Station To Gift It To Your Loved Ones:

1. Tools Required:

There are some of the basic things that we required to make the command station, we need the craft woods of the following dimensions, 4.5″X4.5″, 5.5″X1.75″, 1.75″X 2.25″, 12″X5.2″, 10″X13″,13″X3″. We also need the ruler, wood glue, nails, leather straps, along with the hammers and scissors.

2. Place The Shelves Of Craft Woods:

First you need to take the wood craft of the 10″X13″, now you need place the both sided pointed nails, now insert one pointed end to the crafts, now take the two crafts of the 5.5″X1.75″ and 2.25″X1.75″, take the wooden glue, apply the glue to it one side of the craft, now place this to the top of the base wood, take the hammer and nailed it nicely, now again place the other wood craft to the slightly lower to the first base craft, hammer it also to make it fixed.

3. Install The Charging Point:

For installing the charging point for your phone, you need to first measure the height of the phone, then you need to find out the gap to the command station base, now take the two crafts wood of about 1.75″X2.25″ dimensions, now mark the area where you want to place it, make sure that there should be a gap between the wood crafts for the charger, nailed it with the nails, now glue the wood crafts and place this on the marked area with the hammer.

4. Add The Message Board:

Now you have a wide area left to the right side of the wooden crafts, here you can add the message board, you need to measure the area of it, now take the message board and cut it according to the dimension with the scissors, apply the glue to the back side of the message board, place this to the area, add the clip on the message board, so that it will get stick to it, hammer the head cap nail on the message board for the holding the key.

Add The Message Board:

5. Install Pen Holder:

Take the soft leather sheet, cut it into a small piece of about 2 inch in length, now fold it, place it on the top of the message board and then fix it with the head nail.

Install Pen Holder:

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6. Finalize It:

If you want to give it a nice look, then you need to take the wooden paint, add some of the paint oil, mix it to so that there will not be any lumps in it, now take the soft small brush and paint the whole command station, you can also draw many designs on it, leave it for sometime, so that it will be dried, now take the wood craft of the 13″X3″ and fix it to the base of the command station to make the stand of it, place you wallet, your phone, your important keys, notes to it. The command station is ready to use.

Finalize It