DIY Terracotta Fountain In 7 Steps

Water fountains are one of the soothing décor items that can be of various designs and sizes, below the fountain size is of 18 inches of height, this process of water fountain making is the finest and easiest form, that looks outstanding when placed in any side or corner of your house.

1. Materials:

For making a water fountain we need a fountain pump, a plastic pipe, a silicon sealer, flower  pots of 8 inches, 6 inches,  4 inches pots and a clear spray sealer. The flower pots should be of dark brown colored that is polished terracotta pots the body has an beautiful art works on the body to give an exceptional look to the fountain. Saucer plates are also required that are of 12 inches, 8 inches and 4 inches of beautiful artistic designs, instead of circular saucers rectangular terracotta trays can be used in place of circular plates, that will give a different look or else simple and plain terracotta pots,  plates or trays  can be used, one more important is a terracotta basin  of 12 inches in size is required along with a grilling machine and a filer.


2. Setting Of Fountain Pump:

First thing is setting of the fountain pump machine on the base that is the basin, and attaching a plastic tube so that the water can pass from below to upwards direction. The saucers and plates are required to make water proof that is done by applying a spray over the saucers and allow it to dry and after drying the saucers soak it in a bucket of water for an hour or two, the fountain pump is to be placed after the basin in soaked in water after the clear spray to make it water proof and then set the pump in the center of the basin which is the base of the water fountain and fix the plastic tube with the pump.

Setting Of Fountain Pump

3. Hole Into The Pots:

Make holes in the center of the flower pots as well as in the center of the saucer plates in order to enter the plastic tube to pass the water through the tube. The grill machine is used to make holes in the terracotta items, the round file is used to brush and make  two or four  space or notch on the side of the saucers to make a spontaneous flow of water from one tier to another tier. One thing is to be kept in mind that the size of the hole should not be much larger then the size of the tube that will help in the free flow of the water through the tube. The space made for the flow of water through the tiers should not be larger than one inch.

Hole Into The Pots

4. Setting Of Pots:

Place the terracotta basin of 12 inches with the pump and tube fixed as the base and then place the 12 inches saucers or tray on the basin and pass the tube through the hole of the saucer, next place  flower pot of 8 inches is inverted upside down and entering the tube into the hole, place the 8 inches saucer on the upside down flower pots and passing the tube through the 8 inch saucer The tube is now cut off by keeping an inch of tube exposed on the saucer. The tube is now sealed with the silicon sealer and allowed it to dry, the sealed tube is then covered with the saucer or tray of 4 inches upside down, that is the top of the water fountain.

Setting Of Pots

5. Setting Of The Tiers:

Now the base of the fountain is decorated, with the small flower pots of 6 inches of size placed on the base and then a saucer of 4 inches of saucer is placed on the top of the flower pot, one 4 inches diameter of the saucer is placed on other corner of the fountain base plate with one inverted 4 inches diameter saucer plate on it having a notch, on the other side of the fountain base place one more 4 inches of diameter of saucer with the bottom facing upward , with the top is covered with the same 4 inch diameter of the saucer plates with notch, or you can place a flower pot of 4 inches diameter upside down and the tray or saucer on top with a notch will give the fountain a three tier effect.

Setting Of The Tiers

6. Decorate The Fountain:

Now after the total fixing of the pots its required to decorate the fountain. The saucer can be filled with various small pebbles or colorful small cobblestone. The stone are used to fill the base of the fountain and the saucer above, on the other hand you can simply cover the topmost of the fountain with cobble stones or place small green plants on the top terracotta saucer plate. The water fountain base can be decorated with other beautiful small plants that looks beautiful when water travels although the tiers. The cobblestones or pebbles should be small in sizes as to much bigger stone may create cracks on the pots due to the heavy weight of the stones.

Decorate The Fountain

7. Water For Fountain:

Last but not the least plug the wire  of the fountain pump, pour water on the base of the fountain in sufficient quantity and then switch on the fountain pump. The water will flow from the top through the notches and flow throughout the tiers. The terracotta water fountain is ready that can be placed inside the room at any corner of your dining room and the living room or else you can place it in the entrance lobby of  your house or at the front garden yard or your house. Pour water according to the requirement.

Water For Fountain

The fountain is of 18 inches of height you can introduce one or two level of flower pots in the same manner till the height of 24 inches, just the stone amount has to be less and the increase of flower plants so the balance of the fountain can be controlled. The water fountain is the beautiful decorative object and therefore the proportionate  making of the fountain holds the structure properly and. beautifully