DIY Amazing Cotton Thread Snowman For The Christmas Decorations

Winters are on the way and Christmas day is coming and there are lots of things in the market, you can purchase, but all the things are quite expensive, snowman is the most favorite character among the children and everyone love it, so for kids room you can use the snowman as a decorative item, cotton thread snowman is a big snowman and it looks like a real snow man is in the room. Here is the step by step process by which you can make your own cotton thread snowman by simple things.

1. Tools Required:

This is an easy DIY project and you need some of the basic tools, you need balloons of different sizes, cotton thread roll, needle, red and black marker and a birthday cap, ice cream cone, red paint.

Tools Required

2. Blow Air To The Balloons:

You need to take the balloon of three different sizes, now you need to blow air in it and make them tight, the air should be enough, so that it will not easily  press, now tie a big knot at the bottom of it, now you need to take the glue in the bucket and then take the brush, apply the glue all over the three balloons, keep them aside, so that they will not stick together.

Blow Air To The Balloons

3. Wrap Cotton Thread:

Now you need to take the cotton thread roll, make sure that the thread should be white in color and not damaged, now wrap one end to the knot of the balloon and then slowly wrap it on the balloon and  press it so that the thread will be stick to the balloon, you need to make the net of it, like that there are only small holes in it, as the thread are sticking to each other, you need to make the hole at the bottom of the balloon, do this process for all the different shape balloons.

Wrap Cotton Thread

4. Take Out The Balloon:

As your thread are stick to each other and they are dried also, now you need to take the needle and poke it in one of the balloon, you will see that the air start coming out from the balloon, insert your fingers to the gap between the balloon and the thread, slowly pull the balloon from the thread and take it out from the hole that we made, now you need to do this process for all the three balloon, make sure that there should not be any dent on the balloon.

Take Out The Balloon

5. Finalize The Snowman:

Now you have the three balls of the cotton thread, now you need to add the glue to bottom of each of the balloons and place one on one to each other, leave it for sometime, so that it will stick and become dry, you need to make the base of the card board, add the glue to it, place the snowman on it, now you can place the snowman to any place where you want, take the red marker and draw and big smiley on the face of the snowman, make the round eyes and the nose by the black marker or to make the nose, you can use the ice cream cone also, paint it in red color, place the birthday cap on the head of the snowman, fix it with the glue. Your beautiful snowman with the cotton thread is now ready.

Finalize The Snowman