9 Ways To Decorate The Guest Bathroom

The guest bathroom in most homes is used only when the guests arrive and stay in the house. At the other times, this room is neglected and left uncared. People use the room for storing things when the guests are not there. We usually don’t pay attention to the cleanliness and interiors of this area in our daily life. Things are kept here and there creating a clutter. Only when we know that we are having a guest that we start preparing the bathroom for guests. It is important to keep the guest bathroom neat, clean and well organized. Pay attention to its interiors and decoration at all times even when there are no guests. Special decoration and cleaning are required when the guests are staying at home. We will give some ideas for decorating this area.

Following Are Some Tips On How To Decorate The Guest Bathroom:

1. Change The Tapware

Decorate the guest bathroom by changing the tapware. Using an old style tapware material is out of fashion. Make the bathroom look elegant by installing bronze tapware. Use a chrome finish tapware or buy antique tapware for the guest bath.

Change The Tapware

2. Clean And Declutter The Bathroom

A cramped and cluttered bathroom with things lying here and there on the floor can offend the guests. Remove the clutter and unwanted things placed on the floor. Create a free space of the countertop and floor so that it is easy to walk in the bathroom. Use drawers for storage. Let there be a storage area where guests can keep the toiletries.

Clean And Declutter The Bathroom

3. Use Curtains

Using curtains in the guest bathroom is a very good idea. If you have a master bathroom, remove the door and instead of that, use curtains. The door can make the area look cramped. Hang toile curtain in the bathroom.

Use Curtains

4. Use Urn Washbasin

Instead of using a usual washbasin in the guest bathroom, use an urn washbasin. For this, you can use an urn shaped ornament used in the garden. Use a basin made of Iron. Install it above a stone base or platform.

Use Urn Washbasin

5. Hang Artwork In The Bathroom

Using artwork helps in decorating the guest bathroom just like it is used for the rest of the house. Buy some artwork or make your own art pieces by framing prints in an attractive frame. Hang the artwork and paintings on the wall in the bathroom. Use 3-5 paintings for a visually attractive arrangement on the wall.

Hang Artwork In The Bathroom

6. Fix Wooden Shelves

Fix shelves in the bathroom to keep small items like soap, towels and bottles. For this, you can use reclaimed wood slabs. Fix the slabs on the wall to make a free-floating shelf. Place bathroom items on it.

Fix Wooden Shelves

7. Keep Bathroom Essentials

Sometimes, the guests don’t bring their own bathroom essentials with them. Thus, it would be wise to place some important items of daily use like mini soap, shampoo, mouthwash and other things in the bathroom. Also, some guest need to use magnifying mirror. Place the essential items in the bathroom before the guests arrive.

Keep Bathroom Essentials

8. Use Scones And Mirrors

Decorate the guest bathroom with scones and mirrors. Fix iron scones on the wall above the sink. Also, fix a round shaped mirror with wooden frame. Fix two scones with a mirror placed in the center. This is a creative bathroom décor idea.

Use Scones And Mirrors

9. Hang Towels On Rods

Keep towels in the guest bathroom so that your guests can find it with ease and use it. Use embroidered towels for this. Fix three or four rods in the wall of the bathroom and hang the towels on it. It will also decorate the wall.

Hang Towels On Rods