9 Ways To Decorate The Bathroom With A Traditional Style And Theme

A decoration of the house helps in making the interiors look beautiful and attractive. Many types of things and themes are used for this purpose. Some people use very exotic and dramatic decorations in the house with a modern look. It may not be liked by everyone. Overdoing the decorations or using too much of exotic showpieces look very showy. Avoid this by choosing a simple and plain decoration in your home. For this, you can opt for traditional decor theme. Use this theme in the bathroom too. It involves using the basic decoration in the bathroom. We will give some tips for this. Use our tips and suggestions to create simple and timeless interiors in your bathroom.

Following Are The 9 Ways To Decorate The Bathroom With A Traditional Style And Theme:

1. Use Wooden Cubbies And Glass Ledge

Bathrooms in small apartments don’t have enough space for storage. Make extra shelves for storing bathroom essentials like soaps, shampoos, creams, toiletries and other items. For this, you can use wooden cubbies for keeping these things. Besides this, you can also fix a glass ledge on the wall to display decorations like flower vases.


2. Hang Toile Curtains In The Bathroom

If there is very less space in the master bathroom and it looks cramps, you can hang curtains here. Remove the door and instead of that, use a toile curtain to make a partition on the door. It will maximize the available space in the bathroom.


3. Use Plates, Mirrors, Plants And Fabric Sink Skirt

If you have a bathroom with sink at the corner, hang an oval shaped mirror above it. Use a fabric skirt on the sink to hide the unwanted things and clutter from the view of others. Decorate the wall with colorful plates of attractive designs and patterns. Keep a stool in the bathroom and place a pot with an orchid plant on it.


4. Use Black And White Tiles And Painting

For using a black and white theme in the bathroom, use white colored floor tiles with shading of black color. Use white bathtub. Make marble floor. Hang black and white framed painting or print on the wall of the bathroom.


5. Use Floral Fabric In Furniture Upholstery And Window Blinds

Use comfortable seating in the bathroom by using an upholstered chair. Use a fabric with a floral print for the upholstery. Use blinds on the window with floral print. Keep the rest of the bathroom in a monochromatic color theme.


6. Use Scones Fixed On The Mirror

It is possible to make a cramped bathroom look bigger by improving the lighting. For this, fix a big sized mirror above the sink. Attach scones on this mirror. Use two scones together. The light from the scones will fall on the mirror and it will reflect back giving the illusion of a bigger bathroom.


7. Use Farmhouse Sink With Brass Faucets

Use a farmhouse style sink in the bathroom for washing hands after using it. For this, remove the old sink and replace it with a farm sink. Choose a sink that has faucets made of brass material. Hang a mirror above the sink and fix two lights above that.


8. Use Cabinets With Chicken Wire Screen

Another way to get a farmhouse style look in the bathroom is to use chicken wire. For this, make a cabinet with chicken wire screen instead of the door. If you have an old cabinet, remove its door and replace it with the chicken wire. Use the cabinet for storing bathroom towels.


9. Use Black Wallpaper, Mirror, And Chandelier

Decorate the bathroom with a black and white theme by covering the walls with black and white wallpaper with images of pop star or face. Use white toilet seat and sink. Hang a black mirror above the sink. Fix a black colored chandelier on the ceiling.