9 Ideas To Decorate Home With Mason Jars And Wine Bottles

Wine lovers, this one is for you. Wondering what to do with those empty wine bottles and mason jars? Before throwing them away in dustbins or selling them to scrap dealers, here are the few ideas to recycle them into beautiful home decors. Wine bottles come in all different sizes, shapes, and hues which make them versatile objects when it comes to repurposing.

1. Mason Jar Chandeliers:

You can transform old mason jars into beautiful chandeliers. With some simple and friendly equipment, you can make your own unique chandelier at home. You will need bulbs, electric wires, holders. Fix them on your own or you can take the help of any electrical experts.

Mason Jar Chandeliers

2. Pendant Lights:

You can easily make pendant lights with the help of a bottle cutter. Take 2 or 3 wine bottles. Simply cut the bottles below their neck. Then, start wrapping the bottle with different decorative wires. Fit the bottles with electrical circuits. And your pendant lights are ready. Decorate your living room, dining room, kitchen with these beautiful pendant lights.

Pendant Lights

3. Add Numbers:

You can add numbers to the empty wine bottles to decorate your kitchen or for numbering the arrangement of tables during any parties or occasions. They are very easy to make. Simply spray paint the numbers, you can draw the numbers, or you can use number stickers on the wine bottles. Fill them with different beverages like wines, juices, mock tails and much more and serve your guest during any parties.

Add Numbers

4. Drinking Glasses:

Simply transform your old unused mason jars into drinking glasses. Just paint your jars with glass friendly colors and decorate them according to your choice. You can serve juices and cocktails in these jars and impress your guests.

Drinking Glasses

5. Outdoor Lights:

You can make beautiful lights with Mason jars. Take the jars, fill the jars with sand, set a candle in the middle of the jar. Attach a holder and hang them with a string wire. Decorate your entrance doors and window panes.

Outdoor Lights

6. Soap Dispensers Made With Mason Jars:

Nowadays, you can find lots of these soap dispensers at stores, hotel rooms, and shopping malls. However, you can make it on your own in an affordable and simple way. Simply drill a hole in the lid of the mason jar and insert the pump through the hole. Add some glue to keep the pump in place.

Soap Dispensers Made With Mason Jars

7. Photo Frames:

Using wine bottles as photo frames is a unique and creative idea. Take different shapes of wine bottles. Decorate the bottles with beautiful beads, stones, sand, seashells, dry flowers. Put them inside the bottles and roll your favorite pictures inside the bottle and seal them with beautifully decorated corks. You can also stick the beads and stones outside the bottle and your photo frame is ready. Simply stick the photos over the decorations.

Photo Frames

8. Mason Jar Garden:

You can make easy and simple small gardens out of mason jars and decorate your living rooms, dining room, and kitchen windows. Simply put the required elements for plantations inside the jars and plant your favorite indoor plants.

Mason Jar Garden

9. Beautiful Displays:

Make beautiful show pieces with old wine bottles and decorate your home. Simply wrap the bottles with ropes, decorate them with dry flowers, seashells and much more.

Beautiful Displays

It is amazing all the different looks and feels you can get just by using decorative jars and bottles. Decorate your home and impress your guests. Share your decoration ideas with us.