9 Bedroom Makeover Ideas

The bedroom is a relaxation area of the house where you sleep and relax to get rid of tiredness after a hard day at work. This room has a bed, cupboards for keeping clothes and other things. People like to decorate the bedroom in different ways according to their likings and choices. Some people like to put pictures and paintings on the wall and some like to place flowers and decoration pieces on the bedside table. Children keep their toys and books in the bedroom. They decorate the room with their favorite cartoon characters and posters of heroes and stars from various fields. Making some changes in the décor of the bedroom will help in making it look quite attractive and nice to live in. We will suggest some makeover tips for this room.

Following Are The Top 9 Bedroom Makeover Ideas.

1. Use Vintage Iron Beds

Many of us bedrooms suffocated with double bed and some wooden furniture like cupboards and chests. It gives a cramped feeling to live in this room. Change the look of this bedroom by removing the chests and replacing it with spindle leg table. Also, you should take out the double bed and instead of that, put two single beds placed slightly apart from each other. Use two similar vintage iron beds. Place flowers and decoration pieces on the table and framed pictures on the wall behind the beds.

Use Vintage Iron Beds

2. Use A Flower Pendant Chandelier

If you have a junk bedroom filled with boxes with unused and waste items and awkward looking furniture, change the décor of the room. Change the mattress and use a headboard behind the bed. Buy new bed sheet and matching pillow covers from a second-hand shop. Fix a flower pendant chandelier above the bed. Place a lamp on the bedside table. Use white curtains on the windows.

Use A Flower Pendant Chandelier

3. Use Curtains With Valance

The old-fashioned curtains used in bedrooms often look very dreary and plain. Change the look of your bedroom by using valance along with the curtains. If the curtain is of plain color, choose valance that has printed or patterned design. Create an upholstered look with the valance by using a batting and fabric cover.

Use Curtains With Valance

4. Use Plywood Headboard In The Bed

Many people have a plain bed without a headboard. The mattress is very big and looks very bad. Also, some of us like to keep wooden tables at the side of the bed. Change the look of this bedroom by using a plywood headboard at the back of the bed. Cover it with cotton fabric. Instead of using plain bedside tables, paint them in white color. Use swing arm night lamps on the side table. Use white colored bed sheet with scalloped edges.

Use Plywood Headboard In The Bed

5. Use Neutral Palette Color Theme

If you have an empty and outdated guest room that remains unoccupied, turn it into a comfortable bedroom for your guests using neutral palette colors. Put a bed with headboard and frame. Use white or neutral color shade bedding materials like a bed sheet and pillow covers. Use a ruffled slipcover. Choose duvet covers, bed sheet and shams made of cotton fabric. Put white curtains on the windows.

Use Neutral Palette Color Theme

6. Change The Look Of Dressing Table

The old style dressing table in the bedroom made of wood looks very boring and old-fashioned. Buy a new dressing table with roses or any other design printed on it. Choose a dressing table with four or more drawers for keeping your cosmetics and hair products and tools. Fix a big sized oval shaped mirror on the wall above the dressing table. Choose a mirror with broad and colored frame. Place fresh flowers on the dressing table.

Change The Look Of Dressing Table

7. Use Paint Or Wallpaper On Dressing Table

Another way to improve the looks of the dressing table in the bedroom is to paint the front surface of drawers in attractive and soothing color. You can also decorate the dressing table with wallpaper. Use a wallpaper with a floral design printed on it. It will give a classic look to the dressing table and the bedroom.

Use Paint Or Wallpaper On Dressing Table

8. Use Wall Mounted Lamps

If you keep books in the bedroom in baskets placed on the floor and the lighting is not very good, you can change the looks of the room. For this, make a bedside table with built-in shelf for keeping your books and magazines. Instead of using lamps on the table, mount the lamps on the wall at the side of the bed. Buy a bed with a black colored metallic frame at the head side. Hang a graphic Hawaiian quilt behind the bed on the wall. Use rug on the floor.

Use Wall Mounted Lamps

9. Use Ottoman And Rugs

Many of us continue to live in cluttered and unorganized bedrooms with a plain look and lacking in style and comfort. Change the look of this type of bedroom by using lightweight fabric with bright and light shades for bed sheets and pillow covers. Place an ottoman for extra storage in front of the bed. Cover the floor with a striped rug. Hang framed prints of paintings behind the bed. Place a lamp at the bedside table.

Use Ottoman And Rugs