9 Beautiful DIY Projects To Make Your Own Garden Stepping Stones

Looking for creative and lovely stepping stones that are not just functional, but also enhance the look of your garden without shelling out a lot from your wallet, then we have a few fantastic ideas for you. Given below are interesting DIY projects to create your own whimsical stepping stones to spruce up your garden. Have a look to get inspired.

DIY Project Make Your Own Garden Stepping Stones:

1. Stenciled:

A fun way to brighten up your garden and add some character without splashing out money is possible with the stencil designs. All you need is concrete pavers, acrylic paint (weather resistant), stencil design, and brush. Pick as many colors as possible to make the pavers as well as your garden stunning and beautiful.


2. Buttons:

Looking to add something very much original, colorful and whimsical to your garden, then this concrete crafty button stepping stone would be a perfect idea. Paint the pavers with bright colors and lay them out to see how visually stunning and fanciful your garden would look.


3. Leafy:

If you love nature and want to decorate your garden with characters and designs that resemble nature, then this ornate leafy stepping stone is something you will fall in love with. This leafy stepping stone is an economical, clever and fun project to beautify your garden.


4. Heart Shaped:

Heart shaped stepping stones are a wonderful idea to add some dimension to your garden walkway. The shape is so beautiful and eye-catching that everyone will love it and the stepping stones will be one of the striking features in your garden. Be it a painted brick heart or a ceramic ornate heart or plain brightly painted or monogrammed, all will look attractive and original.

Heart Shaped

5. Hopscotch:

Hopscotch stepping stones are something that will spruce up your garden and make your kids’ summer fun filled. In fact, the project will not only make your kids’ summer amusing, but even yours. A rainbow hopscotch stepping stones laid out perfectly is so engaging and lovely. Just spray paint garden pavers of size 12” with rainbow colors. Once the paint is dry, paint the numbers on it. It’s simple and fun!


6. Sea Glass:

Sea Glass could have romantic origins. Although, it usually comes from the contemporary bottles, it could be from broken glass from various shipwrecks or old Victorian bottles. These glass pieces are transformed into jewel-like pieces due to motion of waves. These colorful glass shards could be used to make beautiful stepping stones for your garden.

Sea Glass

7. Broken China:

Do you have old Chinaware and Ceramic dishes that can’t be used because they are chipped? Don’t through them away, as you can add the broken China pieces to concrete stones and turn them into breathtaking garden stepping stones. The results are breathtaking and these stepping stones look absolutely gorgeous.

Broken China

8. Vintage Pillows:

Plastic stepping stone molds in various pillow shapes are available in the stores. You can create your own pillow garden castings easily using these molds. The beautifully detailed and whimsical concrete pillows in various colors mimics vintage cushions and gives a gorgeous look to your garden.

Vintage Pillows

9. Stone Stepping Stones:

This DIY garden stepping stone idea is simple, but looks stunning in your yard. There is no handling of mold or mixing of cement required for this project. But yes, you need to do some heavy lifting. To make this garden pathway, you need to simply place the stepping stones the way you desire. Before arranging the stones, dig out the turf where you are planning to position them. Place the stones in it and add some sand for it to set.

Stone Stepping Stones