8 Ways To Design The Kitchen With A Scandinavian Style

Just as we decorate the house with various things, it is also important to pay attention to the décor of the kitchen. When the cooking area is nicely decorated, it helps in making preparation of food quite easy and comfortable. Many people decorate the kitchen with traditional themes but some decorate it with a modern theme. If you want a modern look for your kitchen, you can choose a Scandinavian theme for it. It will make the room look quite stylish and lovely. The Scandinavian kitchens have a very warm feel. They are colorful and visually stunning. There are many ways to use this type of themes in the kitchen. We will give some tips for this.

Following Are Some Useful Tips On How To Design The Kitchen With A Scandinavian Style.

1. Use A Checkerboard Floor

The flooring is an important element of any room in the house. Instead of using a usual cement or wooden flooring, you can use a floor that has a checkerboard pattern on it. Get your builder or interior decorator to install a checkerboard floor. For this, you can alternate two colors of tiles or any other material like black and white forming a checks pattern on the floor.

Use A Checkerboard Floor

2. Use Neutral Color Themes With Copper Pendant Light

Use a neutral theme in the kitchen to get a Scandinavian look. For this, use neutral colors in furniture and woodwork. Paint the cabinets, chairs, walls and floor in white or cream color. For a contrasting look, use copper pendant lights. Use big sized round lights. Hang the pendant light above the dining table in the kitchen.

Use Neutral Color Themes With Copper Pendant Light

3. Use Reclaimed Wood Cabinets In Eat-in-kitchen

Eat-in-kitchens are very good in which people can eat food right in the cooking area while watching the preparation of food. Use this type of kitchen for a Scandinavian look. Use cabinets with flat panels. Use reclaimed wood for making the cabinets. Complete the look by using white appliances.

Use Reclaimed Wood Cabinets In Eat-in-kitchen

4. Use Multiple Cabinets And Leather Pulls

Instead of using a single cabinet in the kitchen, you should use multiple cabinets in a group. Get more than three cabinets constructed for increasing the storage space. Also, you should use leather pulls on the cabinets. It looks quite stylish. If you have old cabinets, replace its pulls with a leather one.

Use Multiple Cabinets And Leather Pulls

5. Use Sofas, Cushions And Tablecloths 

Design a Scandinavian kitchen in a country style by using soft seating in an open kitchen. Make a sitting area in the kitchen where people can sit and eat food. For this, you can use sofas and chairs with cushions. Use curtains with beautiful patterns like flowers and leaves printed on it. Cover the tables with a tablecloth with a pleasing design. Using these textiles will give a comforting feel to the kitchen.

Use Sofas, Cushions And Tablecloths

6. Use Hidden Appliances And Storage

The Scandinavian design of kitchen doesn’t allow clutter to be seen by others. For this, things are hidden in the room from the view of others. Use built-in appliances instead of keeping the appliances on the upper surface. Also, you can use hidden storage. Avoid using open shelves that are visible to others.

Use Hidden Appliances And Storage

7. Use A Kitchen Island With Wheels

Kitchen islands are very useful for the preparation of food while the cooking is going on. Instead of using a stationary or a freestanding island, you can use an island with wheels. The island can be moved according to convenience and requirement with the help of wheels. This is a stylish and modern option for a Scandinavian style kitchen.

Use A Kitchen Island With Wheels

8. Use Gray Granite And Glass Mosaics

Make a Scandinavian style villa kitchen by using granite material for the countertop and Kitchen Island. Choose granite material having gray color with a greenish tinge. Glass mosaic tiles will look very good for the backsplash. Use green color in the backsplash. Install cabinets made of wood. Use steel appliances.

Use Gray Granite And Glass Mosaics