8 Ways To Decorate The Rooftop

We all need fresh air and open space for peace of mind. It makes us happy and gives a feeling of well-being. The modern lifestyle does not allow us to live amidst trees and natural surroundings for this. However, you can still enjoy the open area and air on the rooftop. If you are not living in a multi-storied building and have a roof in your house, utilize this space fully. Most people ignore the roof in their house and so this area goes unutilized. The roof is not just a concrete land but you can decorate it in many ways. Create a relaxing area on the rooftop with different things and themes. We will give some tips for decorating this area. Use our tips and suggestions to make the roof an attractive and beautiful area of the house. Following are the 8 ways to decorate the rooftop.

1. Make A Container Garden With Buxus Plants

Make a container garden on the rooftop to add some greenery and natural surroundings in this area. For this, you can place some tall pots or containers with neat and well-trimmed plants of Buxus shaped round in the form of a ball. Make a sitting area with sofas and cushions.


2. Use Umbrella And Canopy For Shade

The rooftop can become very hot due to the sunlight falling on this area for the whole day. To avoid this problem, add shade to this area for a cooling effect. For this, you can fix a big sized umbrella on the sitting area. Apart from this, you can also use a canopy stand.


3. Add A Swimming Pool

Swimming in a pool in the open on the rooftop is a great idea. Many hotels with a huge area of the rooftop have a swimming pool on the top. If you own a big house with enough space for a pool, you can take this idea and use it in your rooftop.


4. Place Television For Watching Movies

Use the rooftop for watching movies with family members and guests. For this, place a television set in this area. Enjoy watching thrillers and romantic movies. Also, keep a pizza oven so that you can eat pizza along with the movies. This way you can fulfill the hunger pangs with entertainment.


5. Add Grill And Small Sized Fridge

Create a mini dining area of the rooftop for entertaining the guests. For this, add a grill in this area for cooking and heating burgers. Besides this, you can keep a small sized fridge to get some cold water and beer. Enjoy dining in a style.


6. Add Rugs, Chairs, Benches And Lighting

Turn the concrete land of the rooftop into a comfortable, inviting and cozy place by adding a sitting area with rugs. Cover the floor with a rug of bright colors like orange. Keep chairs and benches with cushions. At the night time, you can use lighting. For this, you can place candles and lanterns in the rooftop.


7. Add A Fireplace

Many people like to add a fireplace on the rooftop. This will help in enjoying the outdoor space and open area on cold evenings and nights. For this, install a fireplace with woods for fire. Make a sitting area near it by adding some sofas and chairs with soft cushions. Sit with your guests and family near the fireplace on the rooftop.


8. Add Dining Table, Chairs, Sofa And Stone Planters

Make an eating and dining area on the rooftop by placing a dining table with chairs so that you can eat food with guests here. Choose a table with marble top. Keep sofas with cushions of bright colors. Add stone planters with plants that have red flowers. Make a temporary kitchen under a canopy fixed on the rooftop. Shift the canopy to a different area if the sunlight is very strong.