8 Creative Ways To Use Pebbles In Your Garden

Ways To Use Pebbles In Your Garden

Lawn or grass in garden is an excellent choice to add greenery and enhance the look of your yard, but when it comes to maintenance, grass is difficult. Is there any alternative that can complement the greenery and at the same time amp up the look of the garden adding visual interest and appeal with low maintenance? Yes, pebbles or beach stones is a good alternative. These stones come in various colors and sizes and help create a variety of amazing designs in your garden. Here we have listed eight such designs to inspire you.

Pebble Design Ideas For Your Garden:

1. Flower Bed

A flower bed demarcated using stones, especially pebbles is common but attractive. Generally you can see round shaped flower beds in garden surrounded by beach stones of various sizes but modern landscaping is done with wavy and unique geometric patterns. These pebble flower beds enhance the look of the garden and make it look more sophisticated and attractive.

Flower Bed

2. Pebble Wall Art

Few things complements the garden space naturally and pebbles are one such natural material that goes well with the greenery. A pebble wall art would be an interesting project and a unique focal point that would catch everyone’s attention in your garden. All you need is a little creativity and some patience to transform your yard wall into a masterpiece using pebbles.

Pebble Wall Art

3. Pebble Fine Art

Be it a ball, mushrooms, faux cactus bowl, lady bird beetle, caterpillar, bird houses, Zen art or any other model, pebble art is beautiful and incomparable. These pebble artworks look great when placed in any section of the yard adding visual interest and details.

Pebble Fine Art

4. Pebble Water Illusion

Pebbles are a major material used in rock gardens and Zen gardens to create the illusion of water. Small sized beach stones are used to symbolize flowing water in rock gardens while large sized ones are used for creating mounds representing islands and mountains.

Pebble Water Illusion

5. Pebble Lawn Art

Pebbles are traditionally used to line the ends of lawn but in modern landscape designs pebbles are used to create visual interest within the lawns. The color combination and patterns created on lawns using pebbles make it a popular design to be incorporated in contemporary landscaping. From simple circles to intricate designs, pebble art on ground amps up the look of the landscape.

Pebble Lawn Art

6. Ground Cover

Pebbles are something that you can use to cover an eroding pathway, uneven and neglected corner or an unkempt lawn. The pebbles will not only offer good ground coverage, but also add an interesting color feature. For an instantaneous facelift, you can place the pebbles on a weed mat and if there is foot traffic then you need to use pebbles of size 20 – 30 mm that gives a 50 to 70 mm depth of coverage.

Ground Cover

7. Tree Base

Pebbles can be used as a base of the tree that makes it more visually appealing. Pebbles can be used to level out the ground surrounding the tree. Encircle the tree with large rocks or bricks and then fill in the space with pebbles up to the tree trunk.

Tree Base

8. Multi-Textured Pathway Or Walkway

You can fill the pebbles in a defined pathway or walkway, which looks great along with the stepping stones. You need to choose pebbles that compliment the steppers or a contrasting color that highlights the pathway or walkway. Other kind of stones can be mixed with pebbles to give a more textured path.

Multi-Textured Pathway Or Walkway