8 Best Flooring Ideas For Your Kitchen

Flooring Ideas For Your Kitchen

Kitchen flooring is a way to unite different parts of the room including the dining and create a complete look. Again, just by choosing the right flooring design you can revamp the entire look and feel of the room and merge various accessories and decor to match it and create the effect you wanted. Here we have listed eight great kitchen flooring ideas that would bring an amazing effect to your kitchen.

Best Flooring Ideas for Kitchen

1. Vintage Checker Board Flooring:

Retro or vintage kitchen flooring takes us back to simpler and modest times, when playful patterns and cheery colors dominated the household scene. If you have an affinity for vintage flooring then you can easily put together the look today, as a variety of modern products available in the market these days take us back to the bygone era. The checkerboard flooring design highlights the vintage kitchen theme. Ceramic tile, Vinyl flooring and Floor paint are other options that you can look into to create a retro effect. Linoleum squares a mainstay of yesteryear kitchens can still be found in a range of vibrant shades.

Vintage Checker Board Flooring

2. Dark Colored Wood:

Dark colored wide plank flooring adds an awesome country touch to the kitchen. The planks with natural rings and knots bring not only some warmth, but also a good natural native feel to your kitchen. Dark colored wooden flooring when combined with time worn table and red tinged cabinet make the kitchen look like a perfect countryside one.

Dark Colored Wood

3. White Wood:

Wooden flooring doesn’t mean it has to be dark it can be white too. Bleached wood or painted white wood is an excellent option to create a rustic effect in the kitchen. It not only brings a country effect, but also makes the kitchen look large and airy.

White Wood

4. Stones:

Rough, rustic stone flooring makes a great choice for flooring when you want to add the old world charm to your kitchen. Not polished tiles, but country tiles or limestone is good enough to create a natural look. The color and unique character of these stones create a rustic effect.


5. Brown Paper Bag Flooring:

The brown bag flooring is one of the beautiful and most affordable materials to add a rustic effect to your kitchen. Though a bit time consuming, it is worth the effort, attractive and durable just like any other hardwood flooring material.

Brown Paper Bag Flooring

7. Bricks:

Though bricks are not so popular material for flooring, they are one of the materials used in country kitchen floors. Arrange them in beautiful patterns or simply in a line and seal it to make beautiful, slip-resistant flooring, which is very much durable for a busy kitchen.


8. Stained Concrete Flooring:

The durability and versatility offered by the decorative stained concrete makes this the most preferred choice as compared to tiles or stone. It allows you to achieve any look imaginable making it easy to suit your taste. The stains help you add bolder design accents and delicate hints of color, which are permanent and fade-resistant. You can choose from water-based stains or acid based chemical stains depending on the kind of look you want to achieve in your kitchen.

Stained Concrete Flooring

9. Bamboo Flooring:

Go green with the bamboo flooring for your kitchen that also has several properties of hardwood flooring. Also, this type of flooring is quite easy to maintain, as you need to just vacuum or sweep it regularly to get rid of small particle debris. It is more resistant to stains, water damage and warping as compared to hardwood materials. More and more ecologically conscious people are opting for this type of flooring for their kitchen.

Bamboo Flooring