8 Awesome Ways To Reuse Old Calendars

Old Calendars

Have you ever wondered how those glossy and colorful sheets of your old calendar can be put to use? It seems like a criminal waste to throw away good paper, doesn’t it? Do not worry. There are several ways in which you can put your old calendars to good use.

Take A Look At These Wonderful Ideas With Old Calendars:

1. Envelopes

You can make colorful envelopes using old calendar sheets. Just take a sheet and cut away a square shaped piece. Place it on the table so that it is shaped like a diamond. Fold opposite corners and attach them together using glue. Now, fold the bottom corner and glue it to the center over the other corners. Fold the top edge and you are done.


2. Wall Photos

If your old calendar has plenty of captivating images, you can hang them up on your wall. Cut away colorful or interesting pictures from your old calendars and use them to decorate your home. Just frame these pictures and hang them up on the wall.

Wall Photos

3. Candle Holders

Take small glass mason jars and convert them into colorful candle holders using old calendars. Make sure the mason jars are clean and remove any old stickers from their surface. Now, place the calendar sheet around the jar and cut away the required length. Apply glue over the jar and attach the calendar sheet over it.

Candle Holders

4. Gift Wrap

Colorful calendar sheets are ideal for wrapping up gifts for your near and dear ones. Just make sure you cut the sheet according to desired dimensions and wrap it around your gift. It goes without saying that your gift wrapping skills will have to be up to the mark for this to work.

Gift Wrap

5. Decorated Box

Plain boxes can be turned into something interesting using old calendar sheets. All you will need for doing this are calendar sheets, boxes, glue and scissors. First, place the sheet over the box and cut according to necessary dimensions. The sheet will have to cover the top and sides of the box. Now, apply glue over the box surface and attach the sheet on top. Fold the sheet along the edges and trim away excess paper.

Decorated Boxes

6. Notebook

If you have the habit of jotting down things to remember the old fashioned way, this is for you. You can collect left over papers from other notebooks and staple or sew them together to make a chic notepad. Use colorful calendar sheets as the cover to make your notebook attractive. You can even cut a calendar sheet into small pieces and just staple them together to make a small notebook to fit into your purse.


7. Coasters

If you are tired of your plain old coasters, you can turn them into something interesting using old calendar sheets. All you need for this project are plain coasters, calendar sheets, Mod Podge and scissors. First place the coasters on the sheets and cut away according to the required dimensions. Apply Mod Podge over the coasters and attach the sheets. Apply another layer of Mod Podge over the sheets and allow them to dry.



Old calendars can be used to make an unending supply of bookmarks. First, cut rectangular shaped pieces from the calendar sheets. Make sure you cut interesting parts of the sheet. Punch a hole over one end of the bookmark and loop a ribbon or string through it. If you feel the bookmarks are too flimsy, you can attach the sheets to plain white cardboard using glue before you punch the hole.