7 Unique DIY Dog House Ideas For Your Majestic Creature

Planning to gift your beloved dog a shelter for himself to rest and stay protected from the changing weather, then it is a great idea, after all he deserves a place of his own for being a superb guard and a loyal buddy. From simple to contemporary designs, we have listed few wonderful dog houses that are easy to build on your own. Have a look before starting with your DIY dog house project to make your canine house the best.

DIY Dog Houses

1. Simple:

A simple yet classic A-frame dog house design with a roof, base and sides made of wood for your pet to rest in would be common. However, did you know that you can transform this ordinary dog house into an extraordinary and charming one, by just painting it right.


2. Traditional with A Twist:

A traditional dog house with a typical home design would be sturdy and perfect for dogs of any size. However, what is more interesting about this dog house is the front porch where the dog can rest in the shade still guarding your house and enjoying the bright sun.

Traditional with A Twist

3. Tropical Open-Air House:

Do you live in a tropical area where it is hot and humid indoors? Then you will have to design your dog house with ample ventilation to provide shade from sun. An easy to build dog house like this one would be perfect for tropical dogs. Either painted to make it stand out or left plain with wooden polish, these dog houses are perfect for protecting the dog from sun and overheating and helping them stay comfortable.

Tropical Open-Air House

4. Dog House With Garden:

Just like your house has a garden, plan and design your dog house in such a way that it incorporates a roof top garden. The garden makes the house not only eye-catching and beautiful, but also helps keep the place cool. The gutter for collecting rain water and run off from your rooftop garden, the cascading bowl rain chain and the windowsill flowers make the dog house more attractive for eco lovers.

Dog House With Garden

5. Contemporary:

Simple and plain in looks yet visually stunning and complicated in design is all about the contemporary style, so is the geometric dog house more suitable for small sized dogs. Although the shape looks complex, it is actually easy to build and cheaper. Also, when it comes to adding texture and style to your house, it is dramatic and incomparable.


6. Mini Ranch House:

You can build a stylish mini ranch dog house for your pooch. It can be built at minimal cost and you need intermediate woodworker skills to build it. You can use three plywood sheets, if you have a large dog. The shed roof and using redwood lattice battens will give a rustic look to the ranch house. A little arbor right above the door not only adds an interesting touch to the kennel house, but also provides shade. Also, it has a removable shingle-asphalt roof, which makes it easy to clean inside.

Mini Ranch House

7. Indoor Kennel House:

In an indoor dog house, your canine will feel safe and protected in their special place. Usually plastic is used for indoor houses, as it is lightweight and easy to maintain. However, they do not look very elegant. If you want something stylish and sophisticated then go for wood. Wood also provides a wide range of customizations. Make sure the dog house has plenty of ventilation. You can be innovative and utilize the empty space in your house like under the stairs for the dog house.

Indoor Kennel House