7 Steps To Transform An Old Birdcage Into A Beautiful Planter

Steps To Transform An Old Birdcage Into A Beautiful Planter

Adorning your garden area with hanging plants is an ingenious way to brighten up your outdoor space as placing ornamental plants above ground level adds to their aesthetic appeal. There are endless things lying in our homes which can be used as hanging planters to beautify our garden or indoor space. Birdcage is one such item which can be transformed into a beautiful hanging garden. The very structure of a birdcage makes it an ideal planter as it beautifully displays free flowing decorative flowers and plants and is also strong enough to carry your treasured plants at varying heights. In case you don’t have a birdcage you can easily buy one from a local thrift store for this project. Choose one that opens from the top to make it easier for you to place the plants and tend to them.

Here Are Some Steps To Transform An Old Birdcage Into A Beautiful Hanging Planter:

1. Collect Things Needed

To begin this project we’ll first need to get our supplies in order. You will need an old birdcage, paint, burlap sheet or coco liner, potting soil, fertilizer granules, decorative live plants of your choice, wire and water. You can choose from a variety of succulents or perennials or both depending on the look you intend to create in the planter.

Collect Things Needed

2. Repair The Birdcage

Clean the birdcage and mend any broken or loose parts. Make sure that your birdcage is sturdy enough to hold the weight of soil with the plants. Make some holes at the bottom of the cage to ensure proper drainage of water. In case the birdcage is without a solid base then place a plastic container with some holes at the bottom to hold soil and the plants.

Repair The Birdcage

3. Paint The Birdcage

Paint the birdcage in a deeper shade keeping in mind the colour of the plants and flowers that go in the planter. Shades of brown, wine, dark blue and green work best. You can use spray paint for this job.

Paint The Birdcage

4. Line The Bottom

Make two to three sheets of burlap by cutting it. Place the sheets one over the other at the bottom of the birdcage. This sheet will hold the soil water for extended periods and keep your plants hydrated. Tie the ends of the sheet with the bars using wire. Doing this will ensure that the soil of the planter stays put inside the burlap lining.

Line The Bottom

5. Make Plant Bed

In a pot mix potting soil with fertilizer granules and top the burlap sheet with this soil mixture and spread it evenly. Keep adding the soil until the soil layer is about three inches high inches high.

Make Plant Bed

6. Arrange The Plants

Start placing the plants over the layer of soil. If you are using mixed plants then plant the ones that grow long towards the outer sides while medium length plants should go in the centre of the birdcage. Cover the exposed parts of the roots by sprinkling some more soil. Water the planter with a spray bottle to wet the top layer of the soil.

Arrange The Plants

7. Hang The Planter

Tie a twine or wire at the top of the bird cage and hang it near the entrance of your house or at the centre of your garden. You can turn your garden into a fairy world by making some more of such birdcage planters and hanging them at various spots in your garden.

Hang The Planter