7 Simple, Stylish and Multi-Functional Washstand

7 Simple, Stylish and Multi-Functional Washstand

The washstand is the basic necessity of our bathrooms and kitchens. But how if these amazing wash stands can act as a multi benefit and multi use element? For your surprise, you can use the amazing wash stands in different ways which will make your daily chores quite easy and flexible! If you are wondering how then here is some of the most amazing washstand designs which will help you arrange your belongings and ease your work on regular basis! These are the simple hacks and modern sink designs which would make you fall in love!

Try These Beautiful And Creative Designs And Flaunt Your Helpful Washstands!

1. Antique Wooden Rustic Washstand:

This is an awesome washstand which will make your storage and cleansing more interesting! While making your home look more stylish and traditional, this beautiful washstand will also give you a great flexibility! With a storage faucet, beautiful brown shade and a stunning rode for hanging your towels, napkins and necessary elements, this washstand will make your tasks easy!

Antique Wooden Rustic Washstand

2. Multipurpose Vanity With Washstand:

You can make your huge vanity a huge vanity a multipurpose décor element! Store all your laundry and cleaning elements in this huge vanity. Place the washstand and sink on the top of the vanity. Also you can add a little mirror and some small storage items on the vanity! This is such an awesome and cool idea which you can use in your bathroom and make it multipurpose washstand!

Multipurpose Vanity With Washstand

3. Stunning Marble Washstand With Vanity:

This is such a little and fabulous washstand which will make you’re washing and cleaning simply cool! This small and portable washstand with a small sink, beautiful marble washstand, and storage vanity just looks super cute! Place all your hand wash, towels, and napkins in the vanity and store the things more easily!

Stunning Marble Washstand With Vanity

4. Pretty Vintage Style Washstand With A Sink And Vanity:

We love this super cute portable and space savvy washstand which will not acquire more space and will keep your home clean! This amazing vanity can be placed in your home if you have a stunning vintage style décor. Place this small and multipurpose washstand in your home and store all the belongings in this cool space!

Pretty Vintage Style Washstand With A Sink And Vanity

5. Antique And Wooden Washstand With A Classy Sink:

If you have a small space in your bathroom, you can finely settle this small and adorable sink with a washstand. This beautiful and raw wooden washstand with a basic vanity will help you accommodate your bathroom accessories in this small shelf. The beautiful and classy sink is all you need to brighten up your bathroom while a mirror will lock you up in the bathroom for hours!

Antique And Wooden Washstand With A Classy Sink

6. Gorgeous Country Style Washstand:

We love this small yet stylish washstand design which will make your bathroom look admirable. This beautiful washstand with a tiny stool and storage space for your bathroom elements is such a fine creating; place your large sink and a cool rounded mirror to brighten up your bathroom décor!

Gorgeous Country Style Washstand

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7. Beautiful And Multipurpose Twin Washstand:

If you have a little broad washstand, you can love the twin sinks and make it more stunning! This is to add some style and coolness sin your bathroom décor! This amazing washstand with a vanity will brighten up your bathroom décor and will make it look classy! 2 people at a time can clean and wash hands and you can also store all the bathroom elements in the shelf!

Beautiful And Multipurpose Twin Washstand