7 Old Furniture Repurposing Ideas For Your Yard And Garden

Repurposing the home helps in giving a new look to the old items. It helps in changing the looks and interiors of a house. Apart from the other indoor items, you can repurpose the furniture of your home. For this, you need to make some changes in the old furniture pieces you have. Many of us like to decorate the yard and garden with tables, chairs, drawers and stools. If this furniture of your house has become outdated with an old look, you can convert them to interesting pieces that attract everyone’s attention. We will share with you some very good ideas for decorating the garden with repurposed furniture. Use our tips to decorate your garden with the furniture items we have suggested here. It will surely gain you heaps of praise.

Following Are The Top 10 Old Furniture Repurposing Ideas For Your Yard And Garden:

1. Make Planter With Drawers

If you have a set of drawers or shaving stand that has become old and useless, you can convert it into a planter. Put soil in the drawer and mix fertilizer in it. Place some small decorative or flowering plants in the soil. Keep the drawer stand in your garden, porch or yard where it is likely to be seen by your guests.

Make Planter With Drawers

2. Make Bench With Chairs

It is easy to turn old chairs into a bench. For this, you need to remove the seat of three or four chairs. The seat of these chairs should be of the same height. Instead of the seat, place a single wooden plank or board across all the chairs to make a bench. Place the bench in the garden or yard.

Make Bench With Chairs

3. Make Attractive French Bench

You can also make a French bench using just two chairs. Cut off the two legs of both chairs that are in the front. You need to also cut off the chair seat. Fix a rectangular board of wood between the seats of the two chairs with the help of screws. Fix a bottom shelf with pieces of wood parallel to each other. Paint the bench in attractive color and place it in the yard or garden.

Make Attractive French Bench

4. Make Trellis With Screen Door

An old screen door can be converted into a climber for creepers and other types of climbing plants. Place the door in your garden and plant climbing plants below it. Let the plants climb on the door. Place the trellis in your garden.

Make Trellis With Screen Door

5. Make Portable Bench With Wheel

Portable bench looks very attractive and it is easy to shift it in the garden or yard. Take an old wooden bench. Fix a big wheel on one end supported by two long pieces of wooden attached to the opposite side of the bench. You can carry or shift the bench with this. Place the bench in your yard.

Make Portable Bench With Wheel

6. Make Planters With Crates and Boxes

Outdated drawers and crates can be used as planters. Put soil in the drawers and place some plants in it. Fix the drawers in an attractive way in lines one drawer next to the other horizontally. Vertical boxes can be used for placing small plant pots. This is a very good garden decor idea.

Make Planters With Crates and Boxes

7. Make Planters With Chair

You can also make an attractive planter with an old chair. For this, you should use a chair without a seat or you can remove the seat of an old chair. Place a wire mesh in place of the seat. Shape the wire into a hollow bowl or pot. Place burlap over it. Put soil and place small flowering plants in the soil. A chair planter is ready for your garden.

Make Planters With Chair