7 Magnificent Family Room Decor Ideas

Magnificent Family Room Decor Ideas

A family room is an integral part of a home. It provides relaxation, peace, pleasure and enjoyment for the family members. Whether a sprawling ranch housing or a single bedroom apartment, family room is the area where everyone gathers and enjoys the company of the other family members. So designing a room that is so inviting and comforting for the whole family is very important. There might be varied ways and ideas on how to redecorate a family room, but here we have compiled seven best ones which combine style, ease, function and comfort.

Family Room Decor Ideas:

1. Patterns And Prints

Colors, patterns and prints create a blissful environment in the family room. In addition, the sophistication and visual appeal they add to the space will create a designer vibe. The fusion will make the room bright, vivid and chic that not only adults, but also your kids will love to spend their time in the family room. Bright hues will appeal to adults and kids while the mixed patterns will give a designer vibe to the whole space. However, those family rooms that are lively and spirited at night can paint the walls with dark hues, as it creates a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Patterns And Prints

2. Contrast Colors

Combination of light and dark colors is always fascinating, neat and stylish creating a hip effect. Dark colored furniture with light colored accessories and wall paint would look great in the family room. Including a transitional piece to mark the move seamlessly is the trick to make the contrast interiors a super hit.

Contrast Colors

3. Contemporary And Comfortable

A neutral color palette, L-shaped deep couches, lots of comfortable throws and cushions, plenty of natural lighting super soft carpet and a wonderful coffee table make a perfect modern family room. The room would be harmonious, ultra inviting and extremely comfortable for family to sit, lay and cuddle.

Contemporary And Comfortable

4. Mix And Match

A soothing color palette with blues, grays, beige, soft pink, etc will make the family room more relaxing even when you have traffic. Sandy or bright colored accessories over the comfortable sofas with kick pleat trim will add a vintage charm. Distressed coffee table in the middle along with one or two vintage chairs will be a perfect addition to amp up the look and feel of the room.

Mix And Match

5. Themed

A family room is a fun and most lively place not just for adults, but also for kids so why not make the place more enjoyable by decorating it with your family’s favorite things, say a theme. For example, bringing in the outdoor amazing blooms and chirpy birds will create a cool and pleasant environment. Fresh flowers, flower motifs, bird statues, hand crafted flowers and birds, etc are a great way to decorate a room with the theme nature. The walls could be adorned with beautiful art work. You can go for a gallery of family photographs or the painting of your favorite artist to make the walls stylish and graceful.


6. Basement Hangout

If the family room is in the basement then make it comfortable. Include a few design tricks, so that it does not look cramped. If there are any exposed ductwork and beams in the basement then paint them in the same color. You can include an array of accent lighting like the floor and table lamps.

Basement Hangout

7. Flooring

Hardwood floors look beautiful for the family rooms, but it is not a practical choice. Define the main area by using a rug exposing the hardwood floors only around the perimeter. Make sure to use a gripper mat underneath the rug to prevent tripping.