7 Magical DIY Recipes For Carpet Stain Removal

7 Magical DIY Recipes For Carpet Stain Removal

Why call the expensive cleaning services or try the pricey store-bought cleansing solution to get rid of the carpet stains when you can eliminate the stains with simple home-available ingredients. Be it a light stain or a tough one, just try the simple homemade DIY recipes given below and see what magic these work on stains. No more fazing when there is a spill on your beautiful carpet, just enjoy the fun and stay happy.

DIY Recipes for Carpet Stain Removal:

1. Vinegar:

Vinegar is such a versatile product in your store cupboard that makes much of your work easy at home, especially with cleaning. It can be called a stain removing superhero for its excellent cleaning properties. Be it light to tough stain on your carpet, just mix vinegar in equal quantities of laundry detergent and some water and work the solution onto the stained area to evaporate the stain completely.

2. Cornstarch:

Accidently spilled ink on your carpet, do not worry, just try this cornstarch cleanser recipe and see what magic it works. Mix a little milk with cornstarch to form a fine paste. Smear the paste over the ink stain and let it dry for some time. Brush the dried-up residue. This works well for removing greasy stains too.

3. Hydrogen Peroxide:

Found some adamant stain on your carpet? Tried a lot of cleaning solution still not able to get rid of it and confused how to remove it as you are not sure what has caused the stain, then hydrogen peroxide is what you should try. Combine hydrogen peroxide (3%) with a blob of non-gel toothpaste and apply the same over the stain with a clean cloth. Rub applying pressure and cleanse with water, the stain would have vanished.

4. Meat Tenderizer:

Blood stains on the carpet car no more a reason to worry with the meat tenderizer DIY cleaning recipe. Be it fresh blood drops or harsh dried blood stains, simply dab the stain with cold water and then meat tenderizer. Leave it intact for 30 minutes and sponge off the carpet with cold water finally. You will be surprised to see such a clean spotless carpet.

 Meat Tenderizer

5. Salt:

Spilled red wine on your favorite white carpet? Feeling panicky you would not be able to use it anymore? Then here is a simple cleaning tip to make it look very much new. Dilute the red wine stain with white wine and clean it with cold water. Sprinkle a little table salt over the blemish and vacuum up after 10 minutes. Sponge up residue and repeat the salting and vacuum until the stain is totally removed. It works for ketchup spills too.

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6. Lemon Peels and Brown Sugar:

Lemon peels and brown sugar mixture is the best carpet cleaner and moreover it is non-toxic and ecofriendly too. Combine together 100 grams of brown sugar, 1 L of tap water and 300 gram of lemon peels in a bottle. Make sure the bottle is not filled up to the brim, as some space is needed for off-gassing to occur. Now close the lid and shake well. Place the bottle safely for 3 months. After 3-months, strain the solution.  Dilute the concentrate with water before cleaning and watch the aromatic mix work its magic.

7. Baking Soda And Detergent:

Mix together a tsp of dish washing detergent, 1 tbsp. of white vinegar, 1 cup of warm water and then finally add one tsp of baking soda in a spray bottle. Baking soda is a base and vinegar is an acid, when you combine both carbon dioxide is created which results in lot of cleaning bubbles. Spray the mixture on the soiled area and gently rub until the stain is removed.