7 Interesting Indoor Playhouse Ideas For Little Girls

It is a dream of every child to have a playhouse at home, especially, little girls are fantasized about it. The joy and pleasure you see on their faces while playing in their so-called private space (playhouse) is indescribable and incomparable. If you have been thinking to build a cool play house indoors for your little angel and make it a fun place for endless hours, then we have few great ideas that would fit your budget easily. We hope the playhouse options will inspire you to get more creative and build the best one for your little one.

Indoor Playhouse Ideas For Little Girls

1. Attic House:

Looking to create a built-in indoor playhouse for your little angel, but do not want the structure to take all the space in your home, then simply clear out the storage area in your attic to take full advantage of the space. The sloped ceiling is perfect for the playhouse and the height of the ceiling is advantageous for the little one as well.

Attic House

2. Under The Stairs:

When you are ready to do anything for your princess, space should not be a constraint right! To give your little angel her own slice of dream house within the living space available in your home, make use of the extra space under the stairs. Just think out of the box and be as much creative as you can and design the best playhouse for your little girl like the ones below.

Under The Stairs

3. Corner Hideaway:

Convert the boring corner space in your home to a fun-filled and enjoyable space for your little princess that can add a splash of color to your home by creating a wonderful playhouse right there. A corner castle, cabin house, cottage or simple contemporary cube house or whatever, the corner space would become a magical space for your kid.

Corner Hideaway


4. Table Tent:

Space is the biggest problem when it comes to building a playhouse indoors, but with creative ideas, space shouldn’t be an issue. To give your little girl the pleasure of having a private playhouse inside, it is not necessary to have large rooms with enormous space, but a simple table will do. Make a table cloth play tent with windows, doorway, etc and cover the table. Spread a rug under the table and place one or two pillows and throws that’s it, her playhouse is all set and ready for use.

Table Tent

5. Minimalistic Playhouse:

Not a quite secret hideaway, but surely something that is striking and exciting for your little angel will be this minimalistic playhouse built using frames and covered with fabric. Very much affordable and easy to build simple design is what this one is all about. One more advantage is that you can move it easily anywhere your little girl wants to play.

Minimalistic Playhouse

6. Fabric Teepee:

The fabric teepee is indeed a wonderful way to enhance your kid’s playroom or nursery. Your little one would love to nap or play inside it. You can make use of scrap fabric available at home to make this pretty teepee. You can give finishing touches to it using paper party poms, balloons etc.

Fabric Teepee

7. PVC Pipe Fort:

This fort could be set up outside or inside the house. Choose some unique material to cover the outside of this playhouse. This is a perfect option if you are in a rental house, where permanent installation is not possible. Whenever you do not need it, you can dismantle and store it without any hassle. All you need is PVC pipe and some pretty fabric to make this.

PVC Pipe Fort